Canceling bids

  1. After the strike, I'm probably gonna FINALLY list some bags. I want to be careful who my bidders, are so I'll post some restrictions in my listings. I know you can cancel during the auction, but what if a sketchy bidder comes in at the last second and wins? Will I be at risk for negative feedback if I don't complete the sell (eg. - I explicitly state no 0 feedback bidders but a zero feedback bidder wins in the last seconds and I don't have a chance to cancel).

    Thanks for your insight!
  2. Yes, if you do not sell to the highest bidder then you are at a high risk of a neg
  3. If the high bidder is not meeting your criteria you can email and tell them that and offer to the second highest bidder.
    I am not sure if there is a way to filter them out...
  4. When listing you can find the "buyer requirements" setting. I know there is a strike requirement and a 0 or negative number requirement you can activite. Generally, I activate all available and haven't had a problem with buyers. I also state the requirements in red and bold. I don't change the font size or anything though.
  5. You can't block zero fb bidders only -1 and below
  6. OK - thanks for all of the responses! Yikes...I've done well on eBay so far (all low cost, household stuff) but I haven't done a big ticket (designer bag) yet so I'm scared. Well, gotta take the plunge sometime!