Canceling 0 FB buyer's bid?

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    Good luck with that, Allison - I really hope they either get outbid or actually pay you if they win. :smile:

    I just had another 0 FB bidder that didn't pay, didn't communicate, & then I was actually messaged by another *bay seller this week, about this buyer - she had the same person make a "Best Offer" on one of her handbags -- then we found that this bidder was bidding up about 3 other designer purse auctions. Needless to say, she didn't pay any of us and is now facing at least 2 NPB claims against her this week alone. I *prefer* to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this happens all too often - and I just don't get it! WHY bid or do a Best Offer if you have no intention of paying??

    Whew! Sorry about the rant - this just drives me nuts! As one of the other sellers I talked to stated -- *Bay should require 0 FB bidders to pay within 24 hours, or they should be restricted in what they are allowed to bid on -- i.e. if it's a designer product priced over xxx amount, they need to build up their FB or have a certain # of transactions before they're allowed to bid in certain categories... While that doesn't seem fair to the "good" buyers out there, there are just too many bad apples in the bunch, ruining it for everyone - & making it incredibly easy for us to feel leery of Newbie buyers.
  2. I don't even bother with auctions anymore. I just list a buy it now with immediate payment and I get paid. I don't need the stress of NP'rs.