Cancelation list at BalNY for magenta city LE

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  1. :yahoo:Hey girls,

    Wish I had the cash rite now, but I just got a email from
    my SA at BalNY about the Magenta LE city.

    There is one available, please pm me, I can tell you my
    name and you can get the bag instead of me.

    I have only til tomorrow.
    Please let me know, if you are interested.
    I do not own this bag, it is simply to help out someone
    out there who would like to get this bag.
  2. which HW is it?
  3. ;)No mention of the Hware.

    You can call the store, I think maybe the giant was meant for
    me, which of course I would have like too.

    But I have no such funds available rite now.

    So call Dapne at BalNY and get yourselfs the Magenta.
    Please post pics.
    You can mention me ,(PM) me for my name.
    I already emailed her on declining the Magenta.:crybaby:
    Good luck.
  4. :yahoo: My BalNY SA called me this afternoon. I got one in RH. can't wait for this gorgeous bag.
  5. jj2006.....congrats....:yes:
  6. I am on the cancellation list for the Magenta City RH. Maybe I'm next! woohoo!:tup:
  7. can i have the email for any SAs at Balenciaga NY?
  8. When I rec'd an email from SA Terry, this was the address, and she had put her name in parentheses on the subject line along with (Magenta City) or whatever the subject was.
  9. Good luck you guys, wish I could buy it now....:tup:
  10. That's the same e-mail that I've used with Daphne.
  11. They use one email address and if you want to reach a certail SA, just put Attn: Kim or Daphne or Terry Etc, and that SA will get back to you. They have just one email address and I have found its better to put ATTN someone than no one, you get a faster response.

    Hope that helps