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  1. I know I created an account here a couple of years ago but can't remember my username or password, so I've created a new one

    That's ok right?
  2. we don't allow people to have more than 1 ID.
    Your original ID was logged onto as late as today however ;) So we need you to continue using it kit_kaaaaath

  3. Thank you, I think I've got more than two now. I registered back in 2013 too.

    That's ok, like someone said here I'll just stop logging on if I don't want to keep using my old ID.

    I hope one day we can deactivate or change our username, I change my mind regularly when it comes to nicknames

    My name on FB changes weekly

    Thanks Swanky Mama for being gentle on me hahaha
  4. Ok deleting this app now sorry Swanky Mama!
  5. Hi,

    How Can i delete my TPF account?
  6. I struggled to find the proper forum to ask this question.

    I'd like to deactivate my account permanently for personal reasons. If anybody could provide some insight on this matter, that'd be greatly appreciated!
  7. I'd just like to add, if it's possible to have my username changed and threads deleted, I'll gladly stay :smile:
  8. Hi!
    We don't remove member's accounts or their posts. You may PM Vlad to request a username change :smile:
  9. Yes, I would like to have my username changed too and PM Vlad but haven't heard back from him yet.
  10. Hi everyone,

    How do you delete your account on purseforum? I'm not interested in deleting mine but after searching for the option for a while I was wondering is there any way to do it or does it stay open for life?
  11. Dear Administrators,
    How can you delete the posts that you uploaded?
    Also how can you delete your account?

    Yours kindly,