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  1. I would like to be deleted.
    I asked what the qualifications were to authenticate and was told there were none, yet after an "expert" disagreed with my evaluation I was told there was a minimum 500 post requirement. How does saying "oooh, those are pretty" qualify you to authenticate anything online? Unless you can actually hold the item in question in your hand, it is a best guess for anyone. Am I to believe that no authenticator on TPF has ever been wrong? Let's not be completely absurd. Of course it has happened. Just like people have purchased fake merchandise from reputable merchants. I find it quite odd that pretty much 8/10 Louboutin authentication requests yield "authentic" results.

    I'm a shoe collector, with over 200 pair of various designer shoes, and receipts to back them up. If my closet doesn't qualify me, well I don't know what will. I'd rather just peruse and have my account deleted.

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    Hi there! We don't actually delete accounts, but you are not required to sign in again if you choose not to.

    Unfortunately the two determinations you made in Louboutin were incorrect, so they were removed.

    In regards to the post count for authenticating. In the past, we had a lot of problems with brand new members joining in the authentication conversation only to find out that they do not have the brand knowledge to accurately say whether items are authentic or not.

    So, the addition of the post count requirement allows the members of the forum to get to know their authenticators, and to get a feel for their brand knowledge. That does not mean any member with, say, 3,000 posts can/should authenticate. We ask anyone to refrain from doing so (no matter their post count) if we see they are not exhibiting enough brand knowledge to responsibly authenticate.

    I'm not sure who you asked about qualifications previously.

    A lot of people come here desperate for help, so we are trying to make sure they are getting the best information possible. We apologize for the inconvenience of our post count minimum. It really is so that we as a forum can help lessen the chances of incorrect advice.

    We welcome you to stick around and join in the forum in every other way. And, if you are interested in authenticating, perhaps there is something we can do to help you spot the signs that truly determine authenticity.

    Thanks for your understanding! :flowers:
  3. You guys have over 200,000 "members" because you are not deleting accounts of people like me and others who want to delete this account. Very rude response from you and Vlad to say you simply don't delete accounts. I don't need to explain why I want to delete my account. What a joke you guys are. Ciao!!
  4. This is your only post in over a year and a half?

  5. I totally agree with what this member has to say. It isn't fair that we cannot close our accounts when we want to.
  6. ^^ It's not 'your account'. It is an account on a website/forum. It's their property, not yours. You have no ownership of it.

    And it's a pretty standard policy on many such sites.

  7. This is the only site that I know of that has such a policy.
  8. It's not the only site I know of.

    Super easy to just sign out and not return.
  9. Hi. Is it ok to change my Username? I had my name as the username. I regretted as whatever I post to ask for advice or reply to a thread, my SA or friends know exactly its me. I get no privacy and cannot comment freely. Please advice is there is anything I can even do.
  10. Please see Swanky's post above regarding name changes. Thanks!

  11. I m sorry I search the thread and its mentioned that I can send a private message to Vlad?

    How to do. Can you teach me?

    Yes I had used my full name .
  12. The quickest way is to go to one of his posts like this one.

    Then click on his name and choose private message from the drop down menu as show in the pic below.

    Hope that helps!
    Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 1.06.52 PM.png
  13. I agree. Very much. This is the first and only post I'll make, because I have no interest in this place, I just created an account because I wanted to contact a member about some jewellry. And now I learn that I can't get my account deleted "because it would disturb if posts are removed". But I've not made any posts before now. And most sites just have that when you click on the name of a post it says that the account is deactivated. Seems very wierd and scary and unusual to not leave their members any way to remove an account. Since my removal would clearly not make holes in threads can I PLEASE get deleted. I only created the account today. Or do you guys want me to swear and make a scene to get me banned? Seems like a wierd way to illicit alot of unwantted bad behaviour from your members so you "kick them out" since we're not allowed out otherwise!
  14. My username is incorrect on here and I'd like it to match the same names I use on other sites (I have over 1M followers on G+ between my personal and professional accounts). I tried to figure out how to change the spelling on here, but there isn't any way to do so. It looks like I have to create a fake email account so that I can create a new username so that I can use the forums with the proper spelling. Then always remember that I use a fake email account for this site only. Doesn't make sense.
  15. Is it just misspelled?