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  1. You can leave :yes:
    But deleting isn't possible.
  2. I can undertand that you can't delete posts and such but you should be able to delete your account and perhaps get a "Not a member anymore" when you look at old posts etc. This is actually the only place I know of that won't allow you to delete your account. What I think many people object to is that there is no explanation as to why tPF has this policy, only that its in place. Perhaps add something under FAQ?
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    Please change my user name. By mistake I typed it as Nocole Nelson instead of Nicole Nelson. Please help...
  4. It should be stated when you sign up that you won't be able to close or make any changes to your account. Doesn't seem fair to me, that this is not clear stated. I also want to close my account, not only leave it hanging in here. It is my right to do so, nobody can make you keep an account that you don't want to. So please, I ask that the right measure are taken to close my account and all my threads together. Thanks
  5. Hi people...... I no longer use this forum and want to delete my profile.

    How do I do so??

    Thanks in advance
  6. I think many people would appreciate this information and related topics if it was more easily accessible such as in the FAQ or Community Guidelines section. This thread wasn't all that easy to find because I kept running searches in the wrong areas.

  7. :goodpost: Good advice before signing up anywhere on the internet.
  8. I should and will put together a separate FAQ section that'll be easy to locate and explain most commonly asked questions. :tup:
  9. Hi, can someone please advise as to how to delete/close my account? I can't seem to find direction on how to do so.

  10. Actually, I see it below.

    I am unable to edit my posts to delete them. Is that correct?
  11. Correct - there is a window of time where you can edit your posts. Is there something I can help you with?
  12. I was primarily inquiring about having my account deactivated, although there seems to be conflicting information in this thread.
  13. We do not deactivate accounts. If I can help with an issue, please feel free to PM me :yes:
  14. Thank you. I saw that many of the accounts that have posted in this thread are reflected as "account deactivated," hence the confusion.
  15. Account deactivated refers to a banned account. You can't delete your account though and even when "deactivated" the posts are not removed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.