Cancel bid

  1. Can I cancel my bid for an item? I placed a bid on an LV Multicolore Pastilles Key Chain,but today I took a closer look at the item and the LV ring is missing. So the lock looks like its attached to some tiny ring on the chain. The listing says its a bracelet, but its intended for a bag charm (The ring was removed, to look like a bracelet)
  2. Can you post a picture so I can see what you're talking about?
  3. Eek, that's interesting, I've never seen that happen before (I have the multicolored one). I'd try contacting the seller first and telling them that their auction isn't as described (it says "excellent" and if that ring is missing, it's not "excellent") and that you'd like them to cancel your bid. That way, it won't show up in your buyer history as a bid retraction (they stay visible for 6 months).
    If that doesn't work, this will help:
  4. ok thanks