Cancam Purse Collections

  1. Hi.. Welcome to my collection. Am a new in TPF and sincerely to join here with all gorgeous people in TPF:okay:.
    My nick name is CanCam, I luv Japan's fashionista.
    And luv to view yr collections & amazing outfits too in TPF.:tup::wtf::yahoo:

    Wish you guys welcome me here. Thanks in advance galz.:crybaby:
    IMG_3992.jpg IMG_4005.JPG IMG_4007.JPG IMG_4002.JPG
  2. Great collection! Love your lv's
  3. love your collection!!~ :tup:
  4. Love your collection, beautiful~
  5. Stunning collection! I love your Hermes.
  6. Those Hermes are to die for! You've made great color choices. ;)
  7. I love the mini ellipse!
  8. nice collection.
  9. WOW! Great collection!

    Love your Hermes, Chloe, and the Mini Ellipse...oh and the Theda!! :p
  10. whoooaaa! Love those Hermes!
  11. Gorgeous collection!! Loving the hermes it is TDF!
  12. Love the vintage Chanels!! You have lots of GREAT stuff!!
  13. Thanks for sharing... Great stuff!
  14. Great collection!
  15. WOW - Love the Hermes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!