Canard rggh in city or pt?

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Canard rggh in city or pt?

  1. City

  2. Part time

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. After looking at all the pics on the canard In rggh, im absolutely in love! The deep rich blue with teal undertone Is so amazing! Didnt think
    of getting It when it first came out cuz I just got my twiggy in pourpre then. So now as I'm scouting for available stock, I'm undecided on the style!

    I'm a small petite 5"1. I love the shape of the Pt when it slouches but am afraid tt it'll be too big for usual shopping dates. The city is all right but it seems too structured. Some advice? It'll be for work and play I guess.
  2. i love both city n pt and honestly u can't go wrong with both but i have to vote for pt in giant hardware. i think GH looks cuter in pt.
  3. I'm the same height as you are and feel that the PT is a tad big for me. I absolutely adore the city size!

    Hope you find the one that's most suitable for you! :smile:
  4. I think the City style would be better since you are petite.
  5. I'm a city fan.. so city city city!!
  6. If you are small, get the city, part time will be too large.
    Good luck if you can find that combo, I wish I could find it.
  7. @swissflower I totally regret not checking it out earlier! So I'm crossing my fingers now and checking the stores in Europe. Hopefully someone gets back w a positive reply! If I don't find it, I doubt I'd be getting another one soon. The next season's colour don't quite appeal to me.
  8. I voted the City. I'm 5'3'' and even I feel the PT swallows me up.