Canard or Gris Tarmac city?

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  1. Can't decide whether to go for a 2010 canard city in G21 silver hardware, or the 2012 gris tarmac in mRGGH. I want a dark neutral that's both versatile and interesting, but have not seen these two colour IRL :wondering

    Is canard very close to black in normal daylight? Does it have more of a navy or teal undertone?

    Also, does the G21 city LOOK a lot bulkier than G12? I know it weighs more which may not be too bad but I'd be concerned if it looks bigger or more boxy. I only have two Bal citys at the moment (mangue mSGH and bleute mRGGH) - both are with G12 hardware and I love how sleek they look!

    Please share your thoughts...I'd be grateful for some advice! :yes:
  2. I have a canard city! It sometimes looks like navy and sometime teal, under different lighting. It doesn't close to black. It's def a neutral and versatile color. This color is very special and I got a lot of compliment on it. Is your canard brand new or pre owned? Sometimes the leather also plays an important role. Diff bal bag has diff leather! It's best you try it before you decide!
  3. Canard!!! And competition!
  4. canard for sure, especially with SGH! silver complements that blue so nicely. i don't find G21 too heavy at all!
  5. Definitely go for the Canard. I have a Canard RGGH Work and I will never part with it-the color is that special!
  6. Canard!!! It's a stunning deep navy blue with teal undertones. I think the teal under tones will be a bit more muted with SGH, RGGH brings the teal undertone out more IMO. It is such a stunning color and very neutral and easy to wear. I'm not a big fan of GT I feel like it's a faded anthra I prefer anthra over GT. If you haven't already check out the canard clubhouse thread here.
  7. So canard's getting the unanimous vote!! Thanks ladies I'm definitely leaning towards this chameleon colour now! Quick question: does it have the issue of fading too?
  8. Congrats!
    All colors of bags will fade if not properly taken care of (or yellow). I sprayed my Canard with Collonil waterstop spray (has a UV protectant in it) and when she sits on the front seat of my car I make sure to cover her with a towel.
  9. hoho, I'm bit too late but I vote for canard too. saw GT irl, it's a very flat color, kinda disappointed as I had high hope in it.
  10. No offense, but Im not a fan of either color.
    If youre looking for a dark blue or just a nice blue you can do much better than Canard IMO. Gris T is a one dimensional gray (as Honeylicious posted above too) I saw both colors IRL...not the best colors Bal has made. :smile:
  11. Thanks for sharing a different perspective! I already own a bleute city with mRGGH so I'm not exactly looking for a dark blue bag (although I'm so very tempted to get a marine now, after looking at all the wonderful reveals). I want a dark neutral that's more interesting than black, with a slightly bluish (rather than greenish) undertone, hence anthracite (or the new gris tarmac) and canard came to mind.

    Any other great colours along this line I ought to consider too?
  12. Well Bleute goes into the bright blue Category for me. :smile:
    Marine 07 or 08 are both nice (much better) dark blues and yes very easy to match...Dark Night too is very versatile. Anthracite is sometimes a miss but if you find one with bluish undertones then that would be wonderful!
    Good luck on the hunt :smile:
  13. Well if you don't want greenish, don't go for Canard. It's a gorgeous teal and definitely has green tones. Personally I love it-it's one of Balenciaga's most chameleon like colors. It tends to be more teal toned with RGGH and less so with SGH. And some Anthracite bags have green tones-varies bag to bag even within season. I have seen some that are more gray and more blue toned, so if you really look you can find one that fits your needs. If you want a dark neutral and want an easier time finding the color (Marine is almost impossible to find, but if you are patient one might turn up) I would go for Dark Knight. It's dark dark blue almost black with no green undertones.
  14. I guess I'm the only one who would pick GT over Canard. While Canard is beautiful, it is definitely teal and I found it harder to wear than GT and less of a neutral. I like GT. It is a true, true gray. Maybe that is why some call it a flat color, but I think it is the perfect medium gray.
  15. Thank you Susan - yes I saw your Canard pics and it is such a beauty!! Sorry I didn't mean no green tone at all - I was at one point considering colours like poker fonce, vert menthe and dolma, and eventually dropped the idea as I find them too green for my liking. Like you said I like the fact that canard is predominantly blue but sometimes teal under certain lightings. That's quite intriguing. I saw dark night in store but find it too dark :smile: