Canard City / Castagna Town or Oak Mulberry Alexa?

Jul 27, 2010
Hi Gals, i'm owning 2 Balenciaga only which are City in Canard and Town in Castagna calor. Both also regular hardware and i bought them from brand new condition. I have a thought recently of letting go one of them to fund for a bag of Mulberry Alexa in Oak color. What do you gals think?

City size is good for me as it is big and can carry a lot of stuff, however i love town because it c/w a longer strap. Anyway, i'm only a short gal, 155cm. So which one do you think is a keeper?

What about Mulberry Alexa in oak? The one that i'm considering is actually a preowned bag. I have heard some bad quality issue about Alexa in Oak.

Do you gals think i should keep both Balenciaga and forget about the Mulberry? Or which balenciaga should be a keeper for me? Any advice is appreciated :P


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May 10, 2009
Hi there:smile:

Your Bals are a perfect combination of colour, hardware and size for such a neat collection. I'd keep the Bals if you are a fan of bags with zippers across the top. The only thing that stopped me from buying the Alexa is that there is this great, gaping top whe the bag breaks in. I travel a lot, plus I am pretty tough on my bags. So, my requirement for any bag - Bal or otherwise, is to have a zipper across the top (that is why I sold my adored, but used just once GSH Black Pom: the first time I used it, it fell off my passenger seat when I turned the corner, and all my contents flew out - including my mobile, which slid under my seat).

You have the best colours in your Castagna and your Canard. If you want to sell any of them, sell the one you use rarely.

You can always add links on to your City O-rings, as I've done with all mine. My City bags are all RH, so I buy the small 2cm long 1cm wide paperclip-shaped links from the hardware store: they are called "squared links", come by the meter, and should be twisted along their axis - not prised apart, or they won't close properly again.

They have the finish to match RH and Gold hardware, and you only need 8 small links per side, or however many more or less links you want to add.
Jul 27, 2010
I agreed with what you said. I like the zipper across the top too, it is so much convenient. I'm thinking of getting a Mulberry bag because feel like adding some different brand into my collection. Anyway, i will feel sad to let go one of my balenciaga especially their leather is so yummy and color is unique :smile:


Mar 1, 2006
The Alexa looks like a nice bag in photos but I wonder about the functionality. It looks fussy and difficult to get in and out of due to the overlapping straps despite that they are magnetic. I love Chanel but finally worked up the courage to send a Chanel flap I haven't been using for years to a consignment shop. I like to get in and out of my bags in a hurry and having to undo clasps or straps or anything that is in the way of my belongings inside is annoying and frustrating. So while the Alexa looks great on screen, I know we would have issues together IRL! :biggrin:


Apr 6, 2008
the oak alexa bag is made of really cheap material....compared to bal the leather is vastly inferior...I have other mulberry and bal bags..and would def say bal leather is much better than the buffalo leather they use for alexa...xx


Jan 19, 2011
sorry to distract but cant start a new thread and need a help to make a quick decision. Which one should i get rose gold granny city or grenadine silve city


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Jul 27, 2010
Thanks for all the advices! It's indeed very informative and helpful! I've decided to keep both of my balenciaga. Maybe next time i will consider Mulberry Bayswater instead :-p I agreed that the overlapping straps of Alexa might be annoying whenever i want to take out my stuff quickly! Thanks again.