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Nov 29, 2006
Hi all, I recently bought a pair of jeans from a canadian seller. She mailed them out on 8/18 by Canada Post with tracking info. When I check the tracking, it says that the item arrived in the US on 8/22 but it is now 8/27 and no other info is available. What should I do now?


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Mar 18, 2008
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I would contact her and ask her to find out what happened. I once shipped to Canada thru USPS and gave my buyer the tracking number and when it got to Canada it said that there was no such tracking number or something like that when in fact the tracking number worked up until it got into Canadian customs, then it disappeared! Then I found out that there's 2 tracking system that the USPS uses. One is tracking up until it gets to that country's customs (usually CP nnnnnnnnn US) and then they use another form to track whether the item has been delivered or not (EH nnnnnnnnn US). So maybe there's two tracking numbers? Ask her. She should be able to find out the status of the package.


Jul 5, 2007
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As more_CHOOS stated, there are 2 tracking systems, and sometimes there's a delay when a package crosses the border. I'm a seller in Canada, and I've shipped to the US many many times. If there is a "guaranteed delivery date" on the system, the day after that date, if the package hasn't shown up, the seller can call Canada Post to follow up.

However, if it shows up that it has arrived in the US, the delay is USPS, and it may be US Customs, or it may be sitting in the corner on a truck. I've found that in a couple of instances, when there is no "movement" on the website for updates, the package has shown up within a week... Just long enough for everyone to panic a little, unfortunately. I would wait just a little longer... Inevitably, when I've initiated a claim on an unaccounted for package, it has shown up that very day or the next.
Oct 2, 2007
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^^ This happened to me when I was getting a ring shipped to me from Canada. She dropped it off at the Edmonton Post Office on 8/11 and I didn't get it until this past Monday. When I tried to track it, the last known location was the Edmonton Post Office, right up until the day I recieved it. The seller was a huge help and she told me that sometimes it takes a long time for items to get through US customs--so don't panic yet, it just might take a while!


Jul 23, 2007
Unfortunately, Canada Post does NOT update in real time. You are likely to have the item in your hands before you see a new update.
The postal system here is archaic. In the USA, you have the best of the best technology, so you'll just have to be patient when dealing with other countries and their systems.
Your last update indicates that it's in U.S. customs. They can hold the parcel for as long as they like for additional inspections. Again, you just have to be patient with your country's rules and regulations. The seller cannot call up U.S. customs and tell them to hurry!
Normal ship times beween the U.S. and Canada are 7-10 BUSINESS days. That means Monday-Friday. You really shouldn't even expect to see it until the end of this week or beginning of next. If you get it sooner, it's a bonus.
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Nov 29, 2006
Thanks, evryone, for your helpful responses. I did contact the seller and she spoke to someone at Canada Post who said basically the same things as you ladies are saying. I'm feeling much much better now! Thanks again!


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Aug 22, 2006
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FYI, if you ship with Canada Post to USA once it crosses the border you can use the website to track your package for more info. The country its going to usually has more info about the package. The same goes with all postal services (Canada to England - check Royal Mail website).

Anyways has anyone notice their package has been getting opened by customs a lot lately? Every package that is over say $100 CAD and has custom fees on it has been open. Anyone getting that too?