Canadians who have shopped at Victoria's Secret online?

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  1. Sorry, I'm not really sure where to put this post!

    Any Canadians who have shopped at VS online? Who do they ship with? I'm just wondering about customs fees, etc.

    Also, do the online codes work for Canadian orders?

  2. I have used codes for orders. There are some that are suppose to be used by just Canadians. I think they add in the duty in the end price, if I remember correctly.
  3. i've ordered from them quite a few times.. they ship from ontario, so no customs/duties! :smile:

    and the online codes work for canadian orders!
  4. If you search for coupon codes, there are always some available for Canadians only. I think there's one for 10% off.
  5. you do pay tax though - but it is charged at the time of the sale. no additional fees at the door! :yes:
  6. u've bought from the vs site and they ship from ontario? am i reading that right?
  7. hahah yes! i was surprised too. from mississauga to be exact! :smile: i just got another package from them yesterday too :yes:
  8. No problems with ordering - they do charge tax and duty at thet time of the order so you know upfront. Most of the coupon codes work for us.
  9. I tried to order a pair of Uggs (no comments please :P) yesterday and the total came to $191. I used a free shipping code that I found in the Deals & Steals forum but I don't think that discout went through as I saw a charge for shipping (~$25), and then another charge for tax that seemed very high (~$30). Needless to say, I didn't put the order through because the extra charges seemed outrageous.

    I'll do a search for more coupon codes and see if they work. Thanks!
  10. I'm just wondering.. why would they charge duty if it's shipping from ON?
  11. I have ordered from VS lots of times and they charge the duty and tax with the order so you don't have to pay anything extra...I don't think they ship from Canada though? maybe that's just their brokerage firm...