Canadians: Where do you buy apple guarde/ shinning monkey and other leather protetors


Jan 26, 2007
I just got my first LV last weekend :yahoo:. And I've been dying to bring it out but couldn't due to the rainy weather in Vancouver this past week. However, there's a bday party this Sat that I'm planning to bring my LV to and I'm in need of advice as to where I should get some leather protector products? I got the speedy in azur and would like to protect my vachetta handles.... When i asked my SA about it, she strongly adviced against anything on the handles but I know from experiences and browsing through ebay that they handles do get really gross if they aren't taken good care of. I love to have my bag patina one day but just not yet! And I do want the vachetta to be water proof.

So should I drop by Canadian Tire, Rona, Superstore etc? Anyone knows where exactly I can get apple guarde? TIA.


Feb 3, 2007
I use a product from Tana called Style 16. It is safe for nubuck and suede (which is sensitive to water marks) so I tried it. Light spray, let dry, spray again. No change in color that I noticed. Personally, I feel better about using this before using Shining Monkey, which is a car product.

It should only be used on new, clean leather. If there are already oils from the skin and the patina is not even, it could make it more obvious. I did use it on an older bag that has medium even patina and there were no changes. But I also cleaned and conditioned the handles first, just in case.


Crazy Cat Lady
Aug 19, 2006
Thanks everyone for responding! Im looking to get some from daytimer now.

One more question, do I get the leather protector, cleaner or cream conditioner? TIA.

I was also looking at this site because there's 20% off code at the moment. Which product should I get? There's so many... should I just get the kit?

Cleaner is too harsh for vachetta, I think.
I use the conditioner to gently clean the vachetta, and the spray it with the protector afterwards.