Canadians: What labels and items do you love but can't find in Canada!

  1. Ladies and Gents, isn't it frustrating to go over the border for some quality shopping time and find all these goodies and then come back to Canada and there just isn't any of the brands/styles that you love or there are such limited selections??
  2. Like Everything :nuts: Even if we do have the designer the selection & price is so poor too compared to the US
  3. well I like Mango, but where I am in Manitoba we don't have a Mango I gotta go to TO or Montreal to buy it...but still, their selection isn't as good as if I were to go to a Mango in Asia...

    oh..and Sephora...but again, only in TO.
  4. not clothing, but bath & body works!!! i can't get enough of the anti-bac hand soaps. i always bring back a ton when i go to the states. other than that, not much. most things we can buy online now or have made their way to canada. stuff is cheaper in the states for the most part and the selection is way better, but there's not a lot i need to leave canada for anymore.
  5. I still do tons of shopping in the US... our selection just sucks here or the prices are way more expensive.

    I wish we had an Hermes boutique in Alberta. I've had a hard time getting cool shoes like French/London Sole, Tory Burch, etc... up here. I've had to order mine from the US.

    For makeup, Shu Uemura - I love his stuff... can't buy it anywhere here.
  6. ooooh, cool thread!!

    i'd say our selection of Balenciaga bags suck! and it's really hard for me to find shoes in small sizes (35 and 34). i like stuart weitzman 'cause i can always find my size but the selection of styles is too small!
  7. I would really like a Sephora here, becuz I can always go to the states or somewhere else to shop for clothes, but I always need beauty necessities and shoppers drug mart doesnt always cut it LOL
  8. You'll probably get a Sephora soon... Toronto has one already, and Edmonton is getting one this summer :yahoo: Can't wait - I imagine Vancouver will be next. Crappy thing is I still can't buy my Shu Uemura makeup and brushes there.
  9. Shu Uemura is coming to the newly renovated Holt's in Vancouver, so I'm excited about that (although I got the eyelash curler at Sephora in TO already). I haven't been able to find Siwy jeans here, I'd like to try them. Also, the selection of Tsubi jeans is sadly lacking, probably 1 store in all of Vancouver sells them and they only carry a few styles. Plus all of our LV Azur stuff is waitlisted!
  10. we r getting a sephora in vancouver. I think it might be by next year. It's gonna be in downtown inside the shangri la i believe
  11. I think I can find pretty much everything here in Toronto, it's just a matter of price. The prices are sky high compared to U.S. and what with our dollar being sssooo low now, it's nuts.

    I just shop there when I want something more expensive.
  12. OMG - are you serious??! Woohoo... more excited that I'm moving to BC now - I was just dreading paying the PST :p I :heart: Shu... his brushes are really the best, and his makeup is great.

    It's weird that Azur is waitlisted in Van - you can just walk into Edmonton's Holts and there's a lot on the case display.
  13. Yay!! i'm excited! :nuts:

    I wouldn't mind stores like Forever 21, H&M, Abercrombie or Victoria Secret? Definitely need an outlet like those in NY or Vegas with Gucci, Dior, Chanel etc
  14. did u know that victoria secret bought la senza so now u can at least buy vs garden collection body products there.
  15. OMG!!! u guys are like showering me with the coolest news!! shu, and sephora? in vancouver?? about fricking time!! :heart: can't waaaaaait

    we could really use a vic's secret too btw..HEHE