Canadians - Tiffany price decrease !!!

  1. Hey girls (and boys !) - it looks like the big blue is reflecting the dollar parity and the prices for a lot of items have dropped around 20%.


    bead bracelet 180$ -> 160$
    heart tag necklace 34" 235 -> 210
    atlas billclip 220$ -> 185$

    So make those wishlists ! :graucho:
  2. That's great - so few retailers have lowered prices as a result of the strong dollar.
  3. Wow...
  4. ayla: was this today when the prices dropped?
  5. It was recently, like late last week.

    Some of the items at the Holts counters haven't been updated, but just quote the website ! :yes:
  6. I need to move there!!
    That's a cute hamster pic btw- I love hamsters!!
  7. so exciting! noticed last week when compiling my xmas list :yes:
  8. WHAT?!
    I'm moving to Canada. :p
  9. will go and check out their website now:p
  10. hee hee checking website, i've had my eye on a med bean lapis lazul necklace..
  11. So I need to take a trip up to Canada
  12. This seems to actually be the SECOND time they've lowered the prices in Canada which is amazing. It makes me truly love Tiffany as a company. Amongst the competitors, Tiffany totally wins me over. Price decreases (quite significantly, too!) for Canadians, conflict-free diamonds, free cleaning (at least here @ the Toronto store), and great service.