Canadians - LV tPF Meet this Sunday Benefits Banff Centre

  1. Canadian shoppers can help contribute to the Banff Centre's Music and Arts Scholarship program as well during our tPF LV Meet event as LV Banff is donating 10% of our shopping fun to the Music and Sound program at the Banff Centre between 1 - 4 PM Alberta (mountain) time - during our Private Purse Forum meet -- it will include any phone orders as well, just let them know!!

    Be sure if you do phone in tell the SAs to say hi to all of us for you! :smile:

    Here's the store info and have a great Thanksgiving Weekend : Lots more about our event under the LV Meet sticky Threads :

    Lisa Crotty
    Louis Vuitton Store Manager
    Banff, Alberta
    Phone: 403 760 2741