Canadians looking for GRAPE/Violet

  1. I just spoke with a really nice SA at the Holts Calgary. She confirmed that they will be getting the Grape/Violet in the Part Time SH, Hobo SH and City SH--- so get your names on the waiting list!!!No confirmation of the RH or GH yet, but i will keep you all posted.

    Also, if any tpfers are going to Holts Calgary, can you please confirm for me which blue they have the DAY in? I was told it was french blue with a 6 vibrancy in a scale of 1-10. TIA!
  2. Thanks for the information. Although I must say that the sales at my local Holt's (Vancouver) are not that knowledgeable on the styles and colors of the BBags. I've interacted with several different sales on numerous occassions and none of them knew the name of the different sizes or colors. I asked one of the SA about two months ago whether they will be getting any violet colors in August/September and she had no clue what I was talking about. After clarifying that it's purple, she said she had no idea. I find that the BBag selections in Holts are very limited and they only carry the more popular colors such as blues, blacks, browns, whites, etc...
  3. UPDATE!

    here is the pix of the only GRAPE RH that they are confirmed to get. STEP, retail $1945 CDN

    and also, here is a pix of the BLUE day she was calling French Blue - which I'm pretty sure is the OCEAN BLUE. Am I correct?
  4. moving to shopping :tup:
  5. I think that is Ocean Blue.

    and also, here is a pix of the BLUE day she was calling French Blue - which I'm pretty sure is the OCEAN BLUE. Am I correct?
  6. But let's hear what others has to say ;)
  7. Has anyone been to the Holts Bloor St. location in Toronto? I'm pretty sure they're the only ones in Ontario that carry Balenciaga. I wanted to see some colors IRL before I purchase them online.
  8. I was there last week and i work 10 minutes away from there. Which color & style are you looking for, I can always check for you;)

    Yorkdale carries Balenciaga as well.
  9. I might actually stop by today. Thanks for the offer though!

    I'm hoping to find Anthracite, Marine, Cinnamon, Plomb and Ocean in the City style.
  10. That's pricey! holy! Aloha's selling the violet step with regular hardware at only $1295 USD. I don't think the current exchange rate is 1.5!
  11. It's $1945 + the 14% tax, which will be about $2217... it's just crazy!!
  12. No joke!! The only use I have of my local Holt Renfrew store in terms of Bbags is to see the new colors IRL. With the exchange rate being where it's at right now, you can get a bag + an accessory from the US for the price you pay for just 1 bag here in Canada. It's a shame... I'd much prefer if the money I spend on Bbags stayed in my country, unfortunately at those prices it really isn't justifiable.
  13. I didn't get the chance to go to the Bloor St. location, but I did stop by the Yorkdale location. They didn't have much though, probably around 15 bags (most were Day & Giant City Styles).

    I was asking about the Anthracite City, but they were sold out. There could've been miscommunication though... The SA kept calling the color "black" and insisted that to everyone in Holts, it is "black". I hope she knew that I was asking specifically about the Anthracite City, not the Black City.
  14. can you tell me which colors of the Day bags they had?

    I would trust you ;)more to tell me the colors before i trust any of the HOLTS SA - everything to them is Black, Blue or kind of blue green:wtf:
  15. ^For the Day, they had Anthracite (GH), Black, a beige-y one that looked to be like Mastic, White (GH) and Vert Fonce. That's all I remember... I don't remember the hardwares for the other colors.

    The SA also mentioned that all the Balenciaga bags they have are out on display, so some bags may be a little worn looking from being handled...