Canadians living in the US

  1. Any Canadians who live or work in the US? Do you feel like it was a wise move to make? Do you have any advice for someone considering making the move down south? Any tips or warnings? I've been set on doing this for a few years not, but now that the time is coming I'm getting cold feet. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  2. Have you obtained a work visa or do you have dual citizenship as I know the process to become a US citiizen is extremely hard
  3. ^ Yes, everything is in order on that front. Without getting into too many details, the legalities aren't really an issue. It's more just lifestyle and more subjective things that I'm worried about.
  4. I moved to marry my husband. It took a couple years to get use to living in the US. Now that I've been here for 8 years, I feel more American then Canadian now.
  5. i think it depends where in the us you are moving to. i moved from montreal to l.a. the car culture was a real shock for me at first. in mtl i walked/biked/taxied everywhere... not so much here. but the weather is beautiful and the hills/ocean/desert mix is awesome. after 5 years i still really love it and i am not sorry i did it. i very rarely get homesick, except for my family, but i now have a family of my own here.

    when i go back i am kind of meh about mtl now as i really like my new hometown!!!
  6. That's encouraging to hear! Just for the record, my family is moving to LA as well. I'm on the fence between LA and New York, depending on whether or not I get into school in New York.
  7. I moved to Atlanta from Toronto last summer for a job (also my bf lives here but he is from Toronto too)'s a little hard to get used to at first..but the shopping is GREAT!! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about anything else
  8. I am from Toronto and I moved down south (SC) with my family many years was I glad to be back on Canadian soil..there's no place like home. I love Canada and I think it's one of the best countries to live in. And to be honest shopping is only great in some states ie. LA and NY...taxes are way less but there's online shopping! But L.A. seems pretty cool..good luck on your decision!
  9. I moved from Wpg. to California 8 years ago and never looked back! Now I live in Indiana...feels more like canada (people are nicer, slower pace of life)...and I miss Cali!
    It is nice to come home though....just wouldn't want to stay!
  10. I moved from Toronto area to Memphis TN. I moved for my husband and have been living here for 2 years now. There are good and bad things about it. For the most part I am happy living here, but of course I miss home.
  11. hmm, new york vs. l.a., eh?

    that's a tough tough tough one. we are based in l.a. like i said before and we love it but my husband's family is in nyc so we go there often... also, early in our marriage we spent six months there because he was on a film.

    at first i was so excited - i loved going to nyc when i lived, in mtl - but i actually found nyc to be kind of tough: really crowded, people often rude, dirty, insanely expensive, cold, humid... i was glad to get back to l.a.

    of course, alot of new yorkers hate on l.a. - my husbands family included - and even the new york times... why do they bother? l.a. doesn't hate on new york!!! anyway, they complain that people out here are fake, have no edge - whatever - but i find new yorkers to be ruder and more arrogant - and they often look really unhealthy to boot - especially after a hard winter (it's really easy to lead a healthy lifestyle in l.a. because of the weather, the abundance of fresh grown organic produce and the easy access to exercise both inside and out all year round). on the other hand you can't beat new york for work in certain fields (film not being one of them) like banking. i know i am opening a can of worms here - this is just my impression.

    it costs nothing to be polite and it makes everyone's life a little easier. i don't need everyone to be my best friend but common courtesy goes a long way to making everyone's day a little easier. i just find there is alot less of this in nyc.
  12. sorry for the long post above - i guess what i m tryinng to say is spend time in both cities if you can before you decide...
  13. dora: thanks for the extra input. Always nice to have an alternative POV. My plan is to go to New York initially since the school I want to go to is there (that is, if I get in). If I don't get in, I should be able to get into either ucla or usc, and so my decision will be made for me essentially. My family is in the meantime going to be in L.A. (my brother leaves this friday actually). I guess after three years I'll figure out if I can deal with New York, and I'll have seen enough of L.A. to know if I like that instead. The problem is, once I leave Canada for any city, coming back is going to be really difficult. So the alternative is to just stay here, go to U of T, graduate and just carry on like normal. It's a tough decision either way I guess.