Canadians, Holt's Bloor has new stuff!

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  1. I was there yesterday and they had the slim in Giant Hardware in White and BG. Black MU was on sale for $300 something. I noticed they have several new things including GH clutches. Go check them out! :tup:
  2. Oh and they have the New Yellow in the City.
  3. NICE....Can you remember what else they had?
  4. I just got home from Yorkdale and they had this muted blue - could be the newest blue (marine?) DAY! Definitely not sky blue/turq/eb and it's NEW!
  5. It can't be the new Marine, they haven't even officially released the names yet, it could be from an earlier season.
    Do you remember if by any chance there was anything in Mogano/Cinnamon?

    PS - the Vert Foret Hobo exists, I have one in GGH. I think only two or three were made, I remember the SA telling me how few were made.