Canadians: Holt Renfrew OR Aloh Rag??

  1. Hi there:

    I know Holt Renfrew just got a shipment of the fall color & I know it's more expensive to get the b-bag in Holt. Will you rather pay more but get one that "you" pick out & get it right away OR will you order from Aloh Rag & have to wait? Thanks! I calculated that I will pay like $378 Cdn if I'm to get it from Holt. :rolleyes:
  2. I usually prefer to handpick my bag, however if you're going to save $378 then I would go for Aloha Rag. I heard theyhave fabulous customer service and you could request your preferance for a texture. Also, the wait wouldn't be all that long!

    Good luck on your purchase and tell us what you get!:biggrin:
  3. Holt Renfrew has Balenciagas??? I'm in Vancouver and Holt Renfrew doesn't have a B for me to buy anywhere...I'll have to look again!! Maybe (dare to dream) they will get some Paddy's in :smile:
  4. I also would prefer to get it from Aloha Rag, because it is quite a substantial savings. In fact, I was just at the Holt Renfrew store in Vancouver just to check out the colours and leather. The blueberry looks very nice, but I'm still holding out for the Blue Grey.
  5. hobbit8642 - Did you take into account the duties and taxes that you have to pay if you buy from Aloha Rag and have it shipped? I still would prefer to buy within Canada just to avoid paying the extra costs of shipping, taxes and duties. I've only ordered a bag from Saks once and trust me the taxes and duties on it cost me over $400CAD.
  6. I bought my first balenciaga at Holt's. Especially with the new leather, I think you are better off picking your bag yourself. And as someone else mentioned, you will most likely pay duties/taxes if you order from Aloha Rag, so the savings wouldn't be as substantial as you might have thought.
  7. I didn't know Saks shipped to Canada! I ordered something from them a few years back and had to have it shipped to family in NY because they wouldn't ship to me in Canada.
  8. aloha rag marks down the customs value for you, so the duties are not as much as they should be. i'd order from AR, the savings is enough for a wallet!
  9. I heard that taxes etc were LOW from Aloha Rag.
    Anyone in Canada bought from them?

    I think I'm willing to this time around.
  10. Michaela: Holts Vancouver just got a big shipment of b-bags in (see the other thread about this) and I bought my Paddy from there a few months ago, so if they don't have one, get them to order it for you.

    I was thinking the same thing about the duties, because when I have ordered stuff before it has been a lot, but I would just go to Seattle and buy one in person so I could see it, and then smuggle it across the border so it's "duty free!" :P
  11. Hi...I actually added the tax & duties into the Aloha Rag order & then..add the tax into the Holt Renfrew one before I compare both.........still save $378 Cdn!! Can you believe it?
  12. How much is the duty?? In the past it's always been A LOT for me. BTW, which bag are you thinking of getting?
  13. I have never ordered a bag from Aloha Rag, but I know that they don't charge for shipping for orders over $500, plus you don't have to pay taxes because we are out of state. You would only have to pay for duties. I have ordered from BalNY and had to pay $70US for shipping and duties of about $150 CDN. So my total for my first was about $1350 CDN. Avery mentioned that at Holt Renfrew a first was priced at $1445 CDN. Once you add on GST and PST, you're looking at about $1650 CDN. So even ordering from BalNY, with their expensive shipping, you still save $300 CDN.
  14. Yes both Saks and NM ship to Canada. NM takes orders over the phone, they have a number for international orders on the website. I've ordered clothes from NM. Saks will ship to Canada but you have to call the actual store, they will not take online orders. I bought my grey reissue from Saks Atlanta since it was all sold out in Canada.
  15. hobbit - That's good to know ... maybe next time I'll try ordering from Aloha Rag!