Canadians, Holt Renfrew 25% off Balenciaga

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  1. But as far as I know, only for HR Amex cardholders and this weekend only. They also have new stock that had come in! :tup: Call them and ask!
  2. I already went down last week and have a FIRST in Tabac Siena put aside for me but I really want a purple one. Not a big colour selection in Montreal though. How about you, AFERNAN10, are you picking anything up?

    I guess with the 25% discount, it is the same as regular US retail price.
  3. Hi Fantastic! Actually I don't have the card. Funny enough, today's my birthday and my husband bought me the EB Day without the discount. The Bloor location here in Toronto mostly has the giant hardware and I am no longer a fan so I think 1 bag would be enough...for this weekend :smile:
  4. Afernan10, well I wish you a happy birthday! I don't have the card either but I was told I can apply for one on the spot of purchase.
  5. I don't have a card either and when I called Alisha (S.A.) this morning and asked if I would get the discount if I applied for the card she said "no, you have to already have a card".
  6. Yeah, they have to charge it right away on it. It's too bad my husband didn't get a discount but it's okay...less card/less temptation!
  7. I applied on the spot and immediately got a 25% but another credit card to pay. The lady in front did the same but paid in cash (you should see the huge wad of 20.00 she had, whaooo!)