Canadians - does Dior ever do Gifts with Purchase here?

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  1. I have a couple of items I want to buy from Dior - but I'm not in any hurry - so if they occasionally do a GWP I'm willing to wait...but the only GWP offers I've seen recently are Lancome or Clinique.

    I used to live in London, and I remember getting a Dior GWP at House of Fraser.
  2. I don't think i have ever seen a GWP with Dior, but then again I'm not a frequent at that counter. However the Bay and I think Sears have started this beauty club program, where you get a coupon good for every month to save $10 with every $50 purchase, and it's good to use at any beauty counter. I prefer the $ off anyways, since the GWP samples are sometimes useless
  3. i've only seen it at beauty events. the one i went to last year was at the bay and i can't recall if you have to make a $250 purchase or have a makeover on the spot and purchase two items they used on you. they gave away a journal and some makeup products.
  4. the $10 coupon helps a bit even if it's not much. lol

  5. I've received GWP from Dior at the Bay once. Only once, but I don't usually buy Dior. Sweet, pink, round makeup case, lipstick, (gorgeous, actually) small eyeshadow and small blush, small moisturizer, something else too, but can't remember right now.

    It was about 2 years ago. I'm sure I've seen them since too.
  6. I have never seen a Dior GWP. I get emails from Holts at least weekly and for GWPs for a number of lines but never Dior.
  7. i went to the bay's beauty gala for mom's day last year that's how i know. you have to purchase a $10 ticket that's redeemable towards your purchase on the day of the event at any beauty counter. can't wait till the next 3 mos and i'll rack up on stuff this time! lol
  8. Try the new Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutiques. Also the Murale stores carry Dior as well. They sometimes have cosmetic galas where you can receive Gift with Purchases.

    Note that not all Shoppers locations carry Dior.