Canadians . . . Activia Yogurt? What is it? What's in it? Why is it so wonderful?

  1. (And, oh yeah, what does it taste like?)
    I keep seeing commercials for it. I saw some in the grocery store, but I don't want to buy any until I know exactly what it does.
  2. i'm not canadian....and i don't know what it is :shrugs: but i can say that i've had it before (boyfriend's parents buy it) and i think it tastes great so don't let any flavor worries deter was a great texture, creamy, and oh so yummy :drool:

    oh and check out this site....

    Activia by Dannon
  3. It's REALLY yummy! One of the reasons it's so good is the cream they add to it! It is higher in fat than most other yogurt, but it's SO good! Don't eat it straight out of the tub---it's difficult to stop!!! :nuts:

    It's good FOR you because of all the active bacterial cultures in it--really good for digestion.
  4. The part for digestion sort of scared me. It got me thinking that it was some kind of laxitive yogurt!
  5. Well, supposedly you eat a serving everyday for 2 weeks and it helps regulate your digestion. Honestly, I didn't eat it for two weeks straight (because I bought 2 weeks worth, but the BF ended up eating a 1 week supply), so I'm not sure if I noticed any difference or not. At least in my experience, it didn't have a laxative-type effect.

    It tastes great, though!

    and btw, I'm in the US and we have it here too :smile:
  6. After I posted the topic I realized that I had seen Activia commercials in the states.

    I can't really edit the title, though.
  7. Activia yogurt is yummy..
  8. It's my absolute favorite yogurt and the only one we buy.
  9. OOooh. It's my favorite yogurt too! The "green" color packaging intially didn't really turn me ON but once i tried it....Yummmm...Go green!
  10. Active cultures help general immune system strenghtening plus help fight yeast infections by giving your system the proper Ph.

    You can learn more by looking up Probiotics on
  11. Danone Activia is great! Aside from yogurt being healthy as is, the yogurt contains Probiotic cultures that help regulate your digestive system. It's said that if you eat it regularly, than you'll be able to "flush out" your system more on a regular basis without a laxative effect. You can't taste the probiotic culture. It's just very Y-U-M-M-Y !