Canadian YSL Newbie

  1. Hi everyone! I would really love to get my hands on a Tribute in either the purple (violet? plum?) or the black quilted croc. I know there are some great deals to be had but I am wondering if YSL boutiques would ship internationally. Living in Canada makes it a little difficult to take part in the SALE frenzy...but not impossible! :p

    I would appreciate any info. I'm usually in the Chloe and Bal forums but I happened to come across cosmopolitan's thread, after seeing her new Tribute and checking out other pics, I knew I had to have one.

  2. you should probably call or email one of the boutiques to see if they ship to you
    good luck! these are amazing bags!
  3. Thanks, alisonanna! I can't wait to have one...
  4. I am pretty sure YSL in the Bellagio in Vegas will ship it to Canada.
  5. Not sure if you found what you are looking for but Peter at Bal harbour was great as well as Nancy at the Las vegas store. They do ship to Canada!
  6. Thanks, guccigirl and mona!

    I haven't had the time to call around but I did speak with someone at the Houston boutique who said they would ship to Canada. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Tributes on sale, however, they did have the quilted croc black patent in medium and large at regular price. Tempting...

  7. Wow, the large quilted mock-croc black patent Tribute isn't easy to come by. You should consider this despite the regular of luck!
  8. mmm the croc print patent tribute is gorgeou..I saw it when I was in Vegas in the summer. If you can't find which one you want, get that one!!
  9. :lol::lol::lol: I know, I know! I'm loving it too. Aaah, so many bags, so little $$$!
  10. I would grab that Large Black Quilted Patent! :tup: You will love it and I don't think you'd regret paying full price for it at all, it's so gorgeous.