Canadian vs. US pricing

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a newcomer to tpf AND hermes so let me know if iIm breaking any rules or anything!

    Anyways, I am from Canada and am interested in buying a bearn wallet. From my understanding, Canadian prices are always marked up like crazy and with the strong Canadian dollar, is it more worth it to buy from the states? Do any of you Canadian girls have any experience with buying H from the US? I will be in Las Vegas in December and I definitely plan on making a stop at H!

    Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. Hi Kittie, I'm from the US, but was shopping in Montreal yesterday, and my suggestion is to wait, especially if you'll be in Vegas in a month or so. Canadian prices are crazy-high, and for something like a wallet (unless you're searching for an exotic or a particular hard-to-find item) there shouldn't be a problem finding it in the US. In Vegas, from what I hear, you could find the exotics, too. HTH,
  3. They had many exotic wallets at Hermes Wall St. and Madison Ave. last week.
  4. ^^:tup: I just reread my post and probably wasn't clear - I meant I'd only suggest getting something in Canada if it was a specific item that was definitely available there, and wouldn't be commonly available to a walk-in in a US store.
  5. thanks for the reply! i will definitely just wait and get it in vegas.