Canadian TPF Members in Montreal?

  1. Hello lovely TPFers, I am travelling on a work related trip to Montreal next month and will be staying for just under a week. Does anyone have recommendations for how to spend my precious spare time whilst I am there?
  2. oh montreal is beautiful! u will enjoy the city! i am out west -but u'll find good shopping, great restaurants and a beautiful city! hopefully the weather is nice! have fun!
  3. I'd love to find out about this too ... going at the end of the month!! :yahoo: I only have about two days free, what should I make sure I do?
  4. Restaurants-If you have time check out a restaurant called Garcon. It was named the best new restaurant in Canada of 2005.

    There are lots of good museums and parks there.

    A picture of Montreal from when my sister lived there:
  5. Thank you so much :flowers: , I am getting excited now. Any other tips for this London girl abroad?
  6. You'll love Montreal - I'm on the other end of Canada, but it's one of my favorite cities!
    - Shopping - lots on St Catherines St - major shopping stretch... love it!
    - Sightseeing - spend time in old Montreal, great atmosphere and cobblestone streets, most of the historical buildings are there
    - Food - TONS of great food. I agree with the Garcon suggestion. Also check out Shodan for sushi, Toque and L'express for french and Jardin Nelson for crepes.
    Montreal is famous for smoked meat sandwiches and bagels... this place is a dive, but everyone goes to Shwartz for smoked meat - it's the best! Fairmount and St Viateur are great for the traditional bagels.
  7. Oh, I forgot - one of my favorite breakfast places is in Montreal too - "Eggspectation" - it's always really busy when I go.
  8. ^^ Thank you so much - now even more excited!:happydance:
  9. I live in Montreal:

    -Definitely go eat breakfast at Eggspectation (its at the corner of Maisonneuve and Rue de la Montagne)
    -Shopping on St-Catherine is good, Vuitton is in Ogilvy (corner St-Catherine & Rue de la Montagne)
    -Holt Renfrew is all the other really high end shopping and its corner Sherbrooke & Rue de la Montagne
    -Best restaurants/atmosphere is on Crescent Street (Id definitely go eat at Newtown, Jacques Villeneuve the F1 driver's restaurant!)
    -I dont know how old you are but if youre interested in going clubbing I recommend the 1234 the adress is 1234 Rue de la Montagne (south of St-Catherine)

    Have fun Montreal is an awesome city!
  10. What I remember about Montreal shopping is that they don't care as much for the big American chains and even one of their Holt Renfrew stores closed down.

    The French (even though they are French Canadian) are known for their style and flair and they have their own stores. So if you go shopping, you will see lots of great/elegant things you won't find elsewhere.
  11. OOOOOHHHH! I'm in Montrealllllll! lol

    I agree with Tweetie. Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy are more 'upscale' but if you're quite young and hip you should also shop in Les Cours Mont-Royal where you'll find Space FB and 3 Monkeys (great local designers with very cool designs). Clubbing--> go to The Mansion. My friends say that "all the celebrities who ever come to Montreal go there". I've been there a couple of times, but it's not *that* special.
    As for food, i like The Keg steakhouse around Old Port. Also there's Olivier with some nice olives. Hmmm... if you're asian, you should also check out our Chinatown. I'd recommend Tong Por or Kim Fung for restaurants:yes:
  12. I love Montreal! I'm not from there but I absolutely love the city.

    Things I recommend:
    - going to Old Montreal is a given. Must see. Quaint old-style shops and restaurants, cobblestone streets give it a great European flair. Very pretty. Maple Delights has delicious gelato and ice creams. Also, there's a great boutique called S|Sense there that sells D&G, LaRok, Diesel, Versace, etc.
    - NUANCES restaurant at the Casino. FANTASTIC. Upscale, and pricey (but if you're going on a business trip, it should not be a problem ;)). Their sea bass is to to die for! Impeccable service too. Casino itself is not that great, paled in comparion to the ones in Niagara Falls. $$$$
    - Reuben's. Great restaurant, not too pricey. Famous for their corned beef sandwiches, but I adore their rib-eye steak. Very tasty! $$
    - Katsura - yummy Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices. I think I went there three times during a two week stay. $$
    - Cavalli Ristorante + Bar - Italian restobar. Ferrari's and Porches usually seen parked out in front. Rather focused on image, but they do have some yummy pasta and creme brulee. $$$

    That's all I can think of for now. Enjoy your trip! Let us know your thoughts if you end up using any of our tips :yes: Have fun!
  13. ooh great suggestions. I've heard about the egg place and smoked meat before too.

    odd question ... is the metro safe at night? I'm going alone and don't want to do anything stupid. I will have a car if that would be better to get around in (driving up from albany) any places I should avoid?
  14. Hi to all who posted in this thread. I just wanted to revive it to let you all know I have been in Montreal about 3 days now and your suggestions have been fantastic. Although the weather has changed seemingly overnight from warm sunshine to sleet with forecasts of snow, I have seen and enjoyed so much in the City. I am planning a late shopping trip after I finish work tomorrow, and if it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't know where to head, but as it is, I am a foreign woman with a mission!
  15. ^^Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself Miss Sooky! Have fun shopping!