Canadian stores carrying designer

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  1. Besides independant stores, where else could I look for designer handbags? Only place I can think of is Holt's..

    Who here feels that Canadians are disadvantaged to USA on the number of stores that carry designer?

    *hands up* I DO!
  2. Holt's would be the only place other than going to the stores like Gucci, LV etc.

    Totally agree with you hence why I spend all my $$$ on handbags in other countries & not Canada
  3. If you're ever near Toronto, most of those designers have their own boutiques on Bloor St.
  4. There's also consignment stores ?
  5. I do a great deal of my shopping in the US too. We get hosed here in Canada.
  6. Some Winner's stores carry designer clothing & bags (Runway collection). They may not be the premier names but maybe the mid range? Also some independent boutiques carry some selections.
  7. I actually think the Bay is starting to ramp up. I know, it sounds totally weird, but true!
    Recently in the Vancouver downtown location, they got a Tous booth, and also started stocking stuff like Juicy Couture and BCBG. While they're not "high-end designers", it is a step in the right direction...I suspect they will start getting bigger brands soon. I remember walking up to the top floor and they had a "Dior" sign installed, meaning they plan to stock Dior fashion? Don't take my word for it.

    Also, Aritzia sells See by Chloé and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

    And I'm not surprised we get the raw end. How long did it take for us to get more than 1 location of Coach, and to get any location of H&M and Sephora!?!
  8. Milli's in toronto carries designer stuff...
  9. Where is Milli's???
  10. Oh damn, this is my kind of thread!

    i also live in toronto and the only places i can think of are Holts, Holts Last Call, Bloor St. stores, Winners Runway (i think the "best" one is the one at Lawrence Plaza which, last time I checked which was about a year ago, they carried some YSL Muses, Balenciaga zip wallets and leather Prada bags... but who knows if they're 100% real...).

    if you're looking for consignment stores, the Ex-Toggery at Avenue and Lawrence sometimes carries very very few designer handbags, but again, it's secondhand/consigned and you have to be careful of fakes.

    like sexycombover said, some Aritzia stores (Bloor St., Yorkdale...) carry Marc by Marc Jacobs purses and The Room at The Bay carries designer clothing.
  11. I live in a pretty small city in Canada and there's no designer at all - the only thing our town carries is Coach (not even Dooney & Bourke). I don't shop for handbags in Canada (even when I visit the larger cities) because it's too expensive, sales aren't as good and the selection is limited. I purchase all my handbags in the US - better customer service as well.

    Winners in my town considers KVZ and Forever 21 top designers. Then again, H&M, GAP and Old Navy are also considered expensive designers by a lot of the locals
  12. LOL! Forever 21 and Old Navy considered as expensive "DESIGNERS"?! aha that's hilarious!!

    p.s. i don't think any stores in canada carries dooney & bourke, only the states.. i don't even consider that to be designer :P
  13. I'm out in the middle of the prairies, and there is nothing to be found designer wise except for a Winners, within 50 kms of here. Thanks goodness I travel to the US on a regular basis for my designer fix! The outlets outside of Palm Springs are my favourite places to shop and I think I'll try Denver's next.
  14. you can also check out hazelton lane on yorkville street in toronto downtown..yorkville street carries some really good brands..
  15. yep.

    what cracks me up is when holts has stuff for the inflated regular price that saks put on clearance over two months ago.

    i spend my money in the states, and until prices change, it will stay that way.