Canadian Shoppers - Trevi PM and others at Banff

  1. I was just in the Banff store today, a few goodies they had just in case you are looking for them include a Trevi PM ... oooh came close to taking it home :smile: a couple of different styles of that new cruise bag mono with red -- Suhali Lockits in Gold and Silver -- and a few other items. If you are in Canada you may want to check their inventory if you are having trouble finding something for Christmas from your location. Oooh dang that Trevi PM .. and YES its not the GM I tried it on and had it side / by side with my Duomo and its not much bigger. Darling bag !
  2. Holt Renfrew has a lot of stock too!
  3. Thanks for sharing Vista :heart:
  4. I love that store...:heart:. Thanks for the info. What else did you see? They're sending me a shipment on Monday so I have until tomorrow to add.