Canadian Shipments from Coach - DHL Issues??!!!! GRRRRRRRR

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  1. Ladies and gents, I'm losing my MIND!! I'm just wondering if any other Canadians have had issues with the courier DHL before.

    I ordered one of the new Kristins last week and everything was great. Got my email from Coach saying that it had been shipped and they gave me my tracking number with DHL (when Coach ships to Canada they use DHL). Fine. Everything's great.

    I got my email from DHL yesterday saying my package was on the truck so I did my errands in the morning and came home for the afternoon to get some chores done and, well, let's face it, to watch out my front window for the DHL van.

    No DHL van.

    I checked the tracking info every hour like the desperate Coach addict that I am.

    Here's where the kaka hits the fan...

    At 4:45pm, the tracking info says that the parcel has been delivered and signed for by Catherine.

    I'm not Catherine.

    I don't have my parcel.


    I got on the phone right away with DHL and, of course, was asked if someone else in my house might have signed for it on my behalf. Um, duh? I'm in my house with me, myself, I and my 6-year-old son who, by the way, isn't named Catherine.

    Key the D.J. and play it: Ke$ha, "Blah blah blah."

    So someone out there has my purse. DHL is supposedly tracking it, but "it could take 24-48 hours. BLah. BLah. BLah..."


    Long story short.

    Ok, long story slightly less long.

    Have any other Canadian Coachies had issues with DHL in the past??? I'm so afraid that it's going to turn into a big mess where I have to claim it and deal with getting my customs fees etc back.

  2. It's bad enough that we (or at least I) have no access to a store of any kind, we have to track our packages like hawks. Good luck in getting your purse back or at least a new one.

    Can you check with neighbours?
  3. I am not from Canada, but I've had my fair share of Coach shipment issues...

    Particularly when my newest Kira was sent. First of all, it took a LONG time...then when I checked tracking it said DELIVERED...but to where? It wasn't my house! My husband ended up running all over our neighborhood, eventually finding it at our neighbors! If I live at 4545 it was delivered to 5454 (not the actual numbers, btw).

    Needless to say I counted my blessings that it showed up at all because had 5454 opened her door, I would have FOR SURE been out my Kira with no recourse whats so ever!

    I hope your bag shows up!

    I hope you
  4. Omg! I truly am sorry that your Kristin isn't with you now.and I thought usps has bad service. A similar thing happened to me but with usps (us mail) and it showed that my item had been delivered and I obviously didn't have the package with me. I called them but they didn't help me at all. After looking for answers theyvtold me it's something they do, they upgrade the system first confirming the item as delvered when in fact the item still at the truck :s
    your case is different I assume since it needs a sig confirmation and someone named Catherine got the package.
    I wish you luck and hope you have her soon
  5. I've received gifts via dhl (from europe) and never had a problem (it's usp I hate)

    i'd call the coach store or jax if you online ordered it and explain your situation and see what they can do for you.
  6. I never ordered from Coach online because it looked like kind of a MAJOR PITA. However, I did call JAX and put in an order with them (it was for my Ocelot Hailey) and it worked smooth as silk. JAX did all the customs, duty, etc. for me, I gave them my credit card and I had my purse in my hands within 3 days, which blew me away.

    I'm so sorry that you have having issues though. Have you also informed Coach? Maybe them have some pull at DHL and can help expedite the tracking!!
  7. Thanks for the advice, everyone! I think I will call JAX too and see if they'll put some pressure on.
  8. I had my beloved HG shipped from Jax by DHL and I'm in canada. It shipped to me in 2 days! Yes, 2 days. It was the best shipping experience I've ever had!
    Now.... the Carly that just got released from customs by canada post is another issue.... it sat in customs for 13 days! I'm sure that if they don't find your purse coach will send you another one. I would be so upset if I were you.
  9. I have to say, I'm SO in love with the Coach organization right now.

    I called and spoke to a lovely cs rep named Denise. She put me on hold while she contacted DHL herself. Suddenly DHL thinks they know where my package was delivered and is trying to retrieve it from that location.

    Interesting, non?

    Anyhoozles, DHL promised Coach rep that they'd call me in an hour or less to let me know when they'll be retrieving my parcel and bringing it to me.

    Coach rep told me that if I hadn't heard from DHL within the hour to call her back and she'd contact them again.

    I feel one million % better about the situation now. THIS is what customer service should be like.


    Oh, and if I get my bag TODAY?? COACH ROCKS AND KICKS A$$!!! :biggrin:
  10. Yay for Coach!

    Err...what is Jax?
  11. Good for you OP! Hope you get your bag today:biggrin:

    JAX - Jacksonville - Coach headquarters
  12. Oh it's killing me but at least coach is looking after you! I'm dying to see pics of your kristin tote!
  13. Murano, it's killing ME, too!!!!!! I SO hope I get it today!!! :smile: So if we both are killing due to the waiting, I guess that means DHL is guilty of a double Coachicide, non?
  14. Bwahahahaha!!!! double coahicide! soooo true! Hey if you look on the website under "tote" there is a wallpaper photo of the kristin tote in peach. It looks like a great size. I need to see this! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  15. I know, right??!!! I was looking at that this morning. It looks TDF!!! Must. Have. Her. Yesterday.