Canadian Sephora Codes

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  1. Alright Canuck ladies, if you're like me and went to the Sephora shop but couldn't get the other promo code to work but unlike me had no American friends to send it to (for safe keeping, hehe), then I have some codes for you! Just for fun. :smile:

    GLOSSRING2 - this will get you a Sephora-brand lip gloss ring, of course.

    METALLIC - a Metallic holiday clutch with a $25 purchase, silver.

    These both worked today (January 8, 07), so happy cosmetics-ing. :biggrin:
  2. Thanks! Nice to have something we can use for a change! :lol:
  3. i got the free lip gloss ring from my past holiday purchase.. is there an expiry date for the metallic clutch?
  4. I'm not sure. You could always try it. Sorry I don't have more info. :sad: