Canadian provinces...HELP!!

  1. I am thinking about relocating to one of the provinces listed I have some questions...
    For those of you who live/visited nova scotia or newfoundland and labrador or prince edward island is it hard to find a good paying job,since they are more smaller, rural provinces?
    Do you think you could make a sufficient amount of money?
    Do you think that there are jobs available there that a person could actually make a profit from?

    Sorry for asking so many questions!
    If any of you guys know some answers to some of my questions I would greatly appreciate hearing them!!

  2. I visited Prince Edward Island last year and don't see how you could make a decent living there. It seemed touristy. You may want to contact the equivilant of what we have in the states Chamber of Commerce they may be abel to give you some demographics and statistics..

    If you reside on Prince Edward Island- I may have to stop by for coffee!! LOL.... I love it and would give anything to live there...
  3. I've never lived in those provinces but they're beautiful!
    I'm guessing jobs in the fishing industry are good there :P
  4. There is a very large federal service in PEI (the Revenue Service...i.e. the IRS).
    My Mom lived there for awhile for a job transfer training people at the government offices. So there's always that possibility.