Canadian Pricing?

  1. Helloooo there :smile:

    I'm planning on buying my FIRST Gucci soon but I was wondering what the Canadian pricing of a few bags are... or is there any kind of conversion I can do online with the Gucci site prices from the US$ to CAD$?

    I'd like to know the Canadian pricing of the:
    - Medium Horsebit Hobo Canvas
    - Small Pelham Horsebit Canvas
    - Medium Pelham Horsebit Canvas

    Thanks in advance!
  2. im sure you can just go to a money conversion website...the prices SHOULD be the same, (just in different conversaion rates thingys)

    right girls?
  3. Canadian prices are usually quite a bit higher than the US, so just doing a currency conversion won't do it. You should call the gucci boutique in Toronto!
  4. I think the medium pelham is $1700-1800CDN
  5. The Medium Horsebit Hobo Canvas is $830 USD which is $880 CAD, but I remembered it right, last time I check in the Gucci store in Bloor, the Medium Horsebit Hobo Canvas was almost $1000, it was $900 something.
  6. The medium Pelham is $1760 plus taxes.
  7. The Canadian dollar is doing well but we certainly are not seeing the savings. Gucci prices in Toronto are quite high but you will find that Holts and the Gucci boutiqe have identical pricing on most items. I have never imported purses, but I have other things and by the time they nail you with duty the difference is not much. Is there a place to buy Gucci in Buffalo? Detroit? Might be worth the drive :graucho:
  8. The small pelham is Cdn$1,490. The large pelham is Cdn$1,760. If you also add the GST and PST (14% in Ontario), we're looking at a waaaaaaaay higher price than in the US unfortunately. Totally makes me mad!!!
  9. med. horsebit hobo is $940 cad