Canadian Pricing on BBags?

  1. I know the First is priced at $995 US but how much is it retail here? Like... at Richard Kidd or wherever. And what about the City?
  2. Richard Kidd is actually having a 50% sale on all of their Bbags, not sure what they have left by now but definitely worth a call.

    As for buying in Canada I strongly suggest against that unless you absolutely want it the same day. Holt Renfrew carries Bbags, their stock is very limited and their retail prices are way over the top. The First at HR Montreal retails for $1449.00 CAD, add tax to that and you've got yourself one very expensive bag - especially here in Quebec at 15%.

    Your best bet is eBay BUT you need to be very careful as there are a mess of fakes up for auction. If you are incertain about authenticity just post a question on the "authenticate this" forum and you will get very good help. Furthermore buying from the US is also good but don't forget customs fees which is almost impossible to avoid, yet even at that the bag will cost less than Canadian retail.

    Best of Luck on your future purchase! :yes:
  3. I was gonna write "too much" as my answer but earth.keeper gave a proper reply
  4. just so u know i just called richard kidd and they said they only have the clutch bag and a couple of the 'monk(?)' bags left... they're still 50% tho...

    :crybaby:there goes my cornflower box...
  5. City is about $1550 before taxes here

    Does anyone know what the oval clutch retails for? I'm too lazy to walk up to Holts on Bloor street in this weather

  6. Which clutches? Which colours? Did you ask???
    And where is Richard Kidd? I've never heard of it...
  7. WOW! :wtf: Canadian retail is wheee high! Thanks for the replies though and I'm sticking to eBay :smile:
  8. Richard Kidd is in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  9. Jeanqueen: Buy from Aloha shipping on products over $500 US & you pay US retail for bbags :smile: AR will mark the bag as gift & with a lower price. I bought a FIRST & AR marks it as $240 & I got tax only $50 Cdn. I live in Alberta by the way & AR use FEDEX to ship the fast shipping! I save over $300 - $400 Cdn on the FIRST...Do NOT buy from Holt Renfrew! :smile:
  10. ^^ yep yepp!!:yes:

    and i didin't even get taxed :nuts: speaking of which.. they don't have the link for their balenciagas on the website anymore(at least, not anywhere where i could find it) but i emailed them and they sent me the latest pdf balenciaga stock file... so PM me if u'd like to have it!

  11. erm... no... sorry... didin't ask... but here's their number 604-677-1880.
  12. I think the oval clutch retails for around $700 CAD:yes:
  13. I know this is off topic but about a month ago I called HR in Quebec City to inquire about their Bal stock and the SA answers:

    Oh dear, we don't carry THOSE bags anymore. They were much too expensive and IMO awfully ugly too.

    Can you believe that?
  14. I'm at the aloha rag website but can't find any balenciaga items.:confused1:
  15. you have to e-mail them and ask for the pdf file of what they have in stock...i've ordered from them in the past and they are truly wonderful... great prices, great bag, great customer service, fast shipping