canadian prices???

  1. hi!
    i usually shop lv, but am starting to get interested in gucci as well :love:
    just browsing online and am wondering if any of u know if the usa prices differ significantly from cdn? tia!!!
  2. yeah! i called a boutique to inquire about a price and thought it would be relatively the same but I was wrong..

    a gucci chain large hobo in leather was $1600 USD but it was $1800 cdn..big difference.
  3. oh dear! thanks for letting me know :biggrin:
  4. Holts and the Gucci store have done some price adjustments in November, but they were not very significant and there is still a price difference.. there may be more adjusting coming !
  5. there's a good $200-300 difference on some products here in canada :sad: i'm sooo jealous of you guys getting them soo much cheaper! even with the price adjustments... it's still not within $100 difference yet.
  6. yup there's definitely a price difference. the states is so much cheaper. i went to australia and bought the chocolate guccissima abbey shoulder bag and saved over $300 bc of the traveller tax credit and price difference. it seems everywhere is cheaper than canada!!
  7. small pelham - 1330 usd - 1425 cdn
    rubber flats - 150 usd - 170 cdn
  8. does anyone know the canadian price for D gold large hobo (it' $750 USD)
  9. i was told that the prices at holt are a tad higher (not a huge difference) than the actual gucci store. is this also true?
  10. depends on the products. some products are cheaper at holt renfrew and vice versa. my new britt tote was cheaper at holt renfrew at the time. by about $50 but a week or two later they were both the same price.
  11. ^^interesting. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess i should just wait to shop in the states.
  12. Just purchase the Gucci Hysteria Hobo at Holt last week (during PSN) and it was $1545 CAD (vs $1395 USD), but I also got a $100 gift card, that makes up the difference, perhaps try shopping during PSN or on AMEX 25% off day (if you have a good SA, they will let you purchase new season items at 25% off as well)
  13. what's psn?
  14. PSN is Private Shopping Night at Holt Renfrew. They do it about three-four times a year during a weeknight and if you make a purchase during that time, depending on the dollar amount you spend, you receive a Holt Renfrew gift certificate as well. ie if you spend $1200, you get a $100 Holt card. In addition, 2% of all proceeds from that night go to a charity.

    Generally if purchase a lot from Holt or if you subscribe to the catalogue, you get an "invite" to this night, though they're not too strict about who shows up.
  15. can you subscribe to the catalogue online? i thought it would be a night only for people that spend tons of money there. lol thanks for letting us know though!! :smile: