Canadian prices?

  1. Do you notice a significant difference between US and Canadian Hermes prices? The prices for Chanel, LV, and Chanel used to be different and quite so in specific items but now they've lowered the Canadian prices to be closer to the exchange rate. What about Hermes? Has it happened yet?

    From what I read here...the 36x36 scarf is $325US and $ with the tax (14% here in ontario) that's a pretty big difference!
  2. Yes - the price difference is huge, to the point that I rarely buy from Hermes Canada, even though I'm Canadian. I'm actually in the US now and purchased for me and a friend since the difference is so big.

    Our prices are similar to a small reseller markup in the US.

    Hermes hasn't reduced their prices in Canada... it will be interesting to see if they do in the new year since they can't argue the point about buying things at a higher rate anymore then.

  3. It would be nice to see the adjustment.
  4. My SA had told me that it would be at least 6 months before we would see a price drop, since the stock in the store was purchased when the Canadian dollar was lower than the US dollar. The new stock should come in at a lower price... or at least I am hoping it will...
  5. I was at the H in Montreal today, and a GM agenda that goes for $315 in the US was $495 there. No thanks!!
  6. Just wanted to say hello. I live in Ontario(Schomberg). I have never even stepped foot in the Toronto store! I have purchased all of my H in the US. I feel guilty not buying Canadian,but I am loyal to my store. I did cheat in NYC though, and bought a Bolide and a Picotin.
  7. Thanks for sharing...
  8. Can I join the complaining crew here?

    I am Canadian, I love to shop in person, I hate to order things by phone...and our H prices make me very upset but I still shop with my local store...Hehe...

    The full size scarves are 400ish yes; with taxes its $450...and it retails for 325 USD!
    The pocket squares are priced at 215 + taxes (think I paid 240ish for it) and it retails for 110 USD!!!!
    I paid 2400ish for my regular evelyne and it retails for 1600 USD?!!!!
    The Victoria FT retails for 4350 CAD + taxes is like 5k; and its 3600ish USD?!!!

    And I could go on & on...
    Sigh...what can we do?
  9. I am hoping that the prices change next year to reflect our strong dollar. I have purchased almost all of my Hermes sight unseen. Well; I do get a photo or two emailed to me first.
    A few times I have changed my mind when I see it in real life.
  10. I'm from Montreal and I refuse to invest until they adjust their prices. My SA encourages to take advantage of the passing opportunity. I still buy small price items. I bought two handbags in less than 2 months. I'll be travelling soon, and I'm looking forward towards my 3rd. Yorelica, I'd check to make sure you're getting the same leathers.
  11. I was okay with the higher Canadian prices when the US exchange was at a way higher rate ie 15-20% ,but now that the dollar is almost par, I am feeling ripped off that I am still paying the higher prices. Most of the other stores around here are honouring the US price... I think the H store should do the right thing, and do the same....
  12. ^ i would be happy if they even LOWERED their prices. i understand if it DOES cost more for items in Canada and i don't mind paying some extra dollars but when it's a ridiculous amount like for the pocket squares like Yorelica mentioned, it just makes me feel like I'm a chump for buying from the Toronto store.
  13. I agree with Birkin123's comments... I'm willing to pay a slight markup since I know it costs more to bring things in, but now that the dollar is at par, it's not worth it.

    The fact that some items are almost double is CRAZY. And for the bags, when the difference is over a THOUSAND? That's a heck of a lot of money.
  14. I just got a pocket square today and it's 175 plus tax. Its less than 215 but still ABSURD!
  15. What really killed me is when I got the note paper for my Ulysses notebook. I paid $50 Canadian, which was okay until I found out it was only $25 on the Hermes website!!!!!!!!!!!!!