Canadian prices for Balenciaga

  1. I'm currently on the verge of buying my first balenciaga :p and I'm wondering if anyone knows how much balenciaga city bags are at holt renfrew at the moment...
  2. I just called asking for the price of the day and city in RH.

    City is $1465

    as for the day, everyone seems to have different prices. : /
  3. An SA at the Toronto Bloor Street HF told me a couple of days ago that the City was just under $1200 and the Part-Time was $1495. I haven't been able to verify that, though, as I live in the UK.
  4. No..they aren't that cheap- I wish!
    The $1475 for the City is correct I believe, plus 14% tax on top of that. The Brief with GH is something like $2200. I don't know exactly seeing as I have given up trying to buy any bags at a reasonable price at Holt's.
  5. Sadly, I rang again to check on the Holt Renfrew price - I thought it sounded rather cheap, and she gave me the wrong one. The chap I spoke to today said they were $1465. Ah, well, it would have been nice.

    Looks as though I'll have to wait until we're back from our hols before finally buying my first BBag, then.
  6. It will be a lot cheaper if you buy one in the US.
    The day was around $1250 to $1300 in the Bloor St. location. After tax, it'll be about $1600.
  7. the best thing to do is buy from aloharag.
    with reduced taxes and the strong dollar, it works out a heck of a lot cheaper.
  8. what is the website for aloga rag? Is it the japan site store?
  9. And no the Japan store site is
  10. Has anyone in the UK ordered from Aloha Rag? I'm just wondering whether you get hit badly by Customs fees.
  11. i think the day is about 1100. it's much cheaper than the city for some reason.
  12. Here's a snippet from the email I got from Aloha Rag (Aug. 1st).This was what they had in stock at that time:

    City($1195)---Black, Plomb, Tabac, Vert Fonce, Morgano, Bleu, Mastic, Rouge, Rouille, Ivore, Vert Deau

    They'll be getting VERT FORET/Green, VIOLINE/Violet and JAUNE D'OR/Yellow in the City around mid August to end of October.
  13. i am just too cheap to pay canadian retail price + 14% tax.

    I'd prefer to order in aloharag or diabro for sure.
  14. Yeah, it's really the tax that hurts... Paying about $200 in tax is just too much!
  15. here's how much I paid for mine at Holt's Vancouver:
    vert gazon city (rh): $1575 plus 13% tax
    blue india part time (rh): $1695 plus 13.5% tax back in last year
    cafe part time (GGH): $1895 plus 13% tax

    Luckily I got the vert gazon at 25% when they had the customer appreciation day.