Canadian Price increase in effect now

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  1. Looks like the Canadian prices went up today.
  2. that's so sad! thanks for keeping us informed.
  3. :sad:
  4. just curious, how much did the speedy b and neverfull go up? do you recall? thanks : )
  5. What specifically went up? Were you in the Calgary LV? I just checked some prices and website prices still appear to be the same for multiple items, so it's not coordinated or across the board if it occurred at the store level, which seems odd.
  6. The prices look different on the app. But prices are the same for most slg. Maybe website not updated yet?
  7. Is the website not updated because everything I have looked at is the same price with no increase?
  8. I'm not seeing any changes on the website either.
  9. Is that mean US is going to have price increase again?
  10. Ugh...Thank you.
  11. :sad:
  12. OP - what pieces are you seeing that went up, everything on the website that I have been eyeing is the same price?
  13. I just went to my store, the girls told me the increase will be on March 02.
  14. US increase is March 2.