Canadian PFers: Bal Sale at Holt's!

  1. This Saturday, December 8th, all Balenciaga bags will be 25% off for anyone with a Holt's American Express. This includes the new pre-collection. The SA with whom I was speaking said the sale was chain wide...but if you're not in Toronto, I'd double check with your local Holts before storming the gates.

    As of today, Yorkdale Holts had:

    1 Petal Pink RH First or Twiggy (soory....don't know which) with effing AMAZING, thick, glossy leather
    1 Black Step?? or RTT?? with GSH
    1 Black Work with GSH
    1 Ocean Day with RH
    1 Sandstone or Mastic City with GGH
    1 Tomato Day with GSH
    1 Pale Magenta First with RH

    and several others I just can't recall. You must have your Holt's Amex with you to get the 25% off, but you don't have to use it to pay. Hope someone grabs the PP First or Twiggy. It was fabulous!
  2. you know prices?
  3. Wow! 25% off the new collection is fantastic!!! Someone get these puppies!
  4. I'm so sorry...I don't. But here's the number of the Ottawa Holts:

    (613) 238-2200

    and here's the Yorkdale Holts in Toronto in case you need to contact them:

    (416) 789-5377

    Good luck!! :tup:
  5. Thanks...I might just go to the Ottawa one tomorrow. I hate the fact that the SAs never know handbag names...well most anyways...
  6. Do they ship to USA? Thanks.
  7. I don't'd have to call. But if you're using a Holt's Amex, I can't imagine why not...