Canadian PFers: Bal Sale at Holt's!

  1. My Gawd...I'm a mess this week!! Sorry - double post.

    This Saturday, December 8th, all Balenciaga bags will be 25% off for anyone with a Holt's American Express. This includes the new pre-collection. The SA with whom I was speaking said the sale was chain wide...but if you're not in Toronto, I'd double check with your local Holts before storming the gates.

    As of today, Yorkdale Holts had:

    1 Petal Pink RH First or Twiggy (soory....don't know which) with effing AMAZING, thick, glossy leather
    1 Black Step?? or RTT?? with GSH
    1 Black Work with GSH
    1 Ocean Day with RH
    1 Sandstone or Mastic City with GGH
    1 Tomato Day with GSH
    1 Pale Magenta First with RH

    and several others I just can't recall. You must have your Holt's Amex with you to get the 24% off, but you don't have to use it to pay. Hope someone grabs the PP First or Twiggy. It was fabulous!
  2. Thanks. Will they ship to USA?
  3. ^^ It looks like you have to have the store card to get the sale price, so even if they ship to the US, we probably won't have one of those. Also, last time I went to a Holt Renfrew this July, the prices were quite a bit higher than they are in the US (i.e., the bag that I was looking at for USD1695 was something like 2000CAD), so the sale price may end up being about the US price! We'll have to wait for some more Canadian ladies to chime in.
  4. The prices are at least $300-$400 above US retail prices. Since you wouldnt have to pay taxes and are dollar back down below the US, you may break even, but it may not be worth it. At 14% sales tax, the 25% off may not even be worth it for me, I'd have to do the math.
  5. why do i keep putting off getting that card??????? do they actually email you to tell you when the sale is, and do you know if they had a weekender in black?
  6. No Weekenders, but you DO get a mailed an "invitation" to spend all your hard-earned cash at the one-day "event"!
  7. :crybaby:i absolutely want the Tomato Day SGH
  8. thanks, i will get one asap :smile:
  9. thanks, i will get one asap (sorry for the double post!)