canadian orders from aloharag

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  1. hi all! i have been seriously contemplating purchasing a balenciaga vogage bag from aloharag but am a little concerned about the potential custom fees. since shipping is free i am on the fence, has anyone here from canada ordered a product from aloharag? if you have what were the customs fees like?
  2. I'm not from Canada but I've heard from many others not in the US who said they bought from Aloha Rag and said AR actually lowers the cost of the bag to reduce the customs fee. I don't have a figure but I'd email them. I've bought Balenciaga bags from them a few times and they've got great customer service. :amuse:
  3. thanks so much murasaki! i just emailed them and am waiting (impatiently) for a response. what balenciagas do you own? i already have a city, i find it perfect for outtings but was thinking that the voyage/weekender would be good as well for days when i carry more with me. care to give me a little advice? ;)
  4. i've gotten a brown city balenciaga (i live in Japan and customs is 10%)from them they indeed lower the purchase price to give us customers a break on custom fees! i thought that was really nice of them to do that. well, the more money we have in back in our pockets, the more orders they get! :nuts: :nuts:
  5. I've heard that Jumpei (the SA at Aloharag) will purposely write a lower value on the customs sheet so that your custom fees will be lower. I read somewhere that by law they are only required to list the manufacturer's price (instead of retail price).
  6. I have a calcaire twiggy and chocolate city. I'm selling the choc for an older bag with the squishy leather though. You don't even wanna know what I waitlisted for this spring. I'm scaring myself with this bag addiction. :blink:

    I've never owned a voyage/weekender and I love big bags but I think it will be too cavernous for me personally. You can probably fit your whole life in it ;)

    I personally don't think I'll go much bigger than the city. I am however contemplating the purse style which is only slightly bigger than the city. In the future, I might consider the work. I don' think it's quite as big as the voyage/weekender but it's def. bigger than the city. You might want to consider that one too? I think it might be a nice balance in terms of size. It's all personal taste/preference though ;):amuse:
  7. Oh really ? That's awesome ! Thanks for sharing, I will definately have to consider aloharag when I get the money together for a B-bag ! :smile:
  8. hmm, now that i'm thinking more about it, i think the work bag would suity me needs more. i wish aloharag had a bigger color selection!