Canadian Mulberry owners...

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  1. Just discovering this beautiful brand and really want to add a Bayswater to my collection soon. Since I'm in Canada, I'm wondering if it's better re: $$ to buy online from the US store or at my nearest store? Also, if you buy online, are duties and taxes included? Thanks for any info!! :smile:

  2. If you buy online, you will be charged in USD plus taxes/duties. With the crappy exchange rate between usd and cad, I don't think it's worth it.

    As for buying it in store though, don't expect the price online to be exactly same. Eg. The Alexa is on sale online for $1200 usd something but in Canadian stores, it's $1500 cad something. You will need to pay for the taxes which varies depending on where it needs to be shipped to. Also if you want to avoid the commute/drive, you can call the stores close to you to see if they can ship you the item. The Bloor St one shipped my purse for free. Hope that helps!

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  3. Thanks for the info!! I'm thinking about ordering from Selfridges... seems like even with the duty, it would be the less expensive option.
  4. call either of the Mulbs stores in Toronto - they will tell you the prices and ship to you directly without any shipping charges
  5. I made an impulse buy a few months back from Mulberry, which I adore The price online (USD) was the same as the in-store price (CAD) and I'm in Toronto. Hope that helps!
  6. Canadian prices have gone up fairly significantly (sadly/annoyingly). We used to be the cheapest place to buy Mulbs but not any longer... with the added taxes it's even worse! :sad: