CANADIAN LV LOVERS:is tivoli gm sold out in canada too?

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  1. i have been thinking of getting a tivoli gm...but evrytime i'd got an lv store---my fave bag is either sold out or on hold for sum1. the one time i saw was the display and also made in usa. i know that i could have considered that, but i really want my lv made in france...

    on june, my dh and i will c our family in canada for my cuz graduation... i am keeping my fingers cross that it is available so i can get me my tivoli gm that is made in france... the ony trouble it sold out there too?
    canadian lv lovers, do you know if it is sold out in canada too?
  2. i know they had a decent amount of tivoli pm here.. i was expecting it to be hard to find from everything ive read on tpf but to my delight there was many available :yes: im not too sure about the gm but it cant be that much harder to find? good luck tho.. im sure someone here will know.. and if they are sold out i hope you consider a pm! shes sooooo cute! you will not be dissappointed :nogood:
  3. u can always call ahead of time to see if it's available here before you come down
    where are you planning on going?! if you're coming to vancouver here's the numbers:

    Hotel Vancouver: 604 488 0602
    Holt Renfrew: 604 630 1395

    & does Made in USA and Made in France really make a difference?? im just curious
  4. hmm i think if u waitlist then might be able to get it in a couple of months. I kept changing my minds so didn't end up getting Tivoli GM but last 2 times I waitlisted, I got a call in 1~1.5 months from Holt Renfrew and Hotel Vancouver LV.
  5. thanks for the great info! it will come handy...
  6. spoke to someone from LV Vancouver, I was told that there is a 2-week waitlist
  7. bf was told that there was a Tivoli PM on the computer system in Van. so he went to the store. Then he found out the sales got PM and GM messed up so there were a couple GM left but no PM. You should check it out yourself!!!
  8. got called in 4 days! :tup:
  9. I saw both sizes in my store today. Someone was trying them on so I'm not sure if they were reserved or not.
  10. last time I was in LV banff(mid jan 09), it has one in stock.