canadian lv buyers... shipping question

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  1. where do you buy your lvs?
    is there anyplace that will ship to/within canada?
    does holt renfrew ship orders out?

    reason i ask is because im 8 hours away from the nearest holt renfrew store.
  2. I don't buy LVs so I can't answer the first part of your question. The Holts near me doesn't sell LV, in any event.
    But I can tell you that Holts most definitely (and with ease) ships anywhere. I'd telephone Toronto (no matter where you are) as there is the best selection and choice at that store. The Assistants can search the country for you, in order to find whatever you are looking for, and whatever Holt's has got it will ship it to you (wherever you are). Hope this is of some help!
  3. Sorry for the garbled nature of the above! I meant that (if Toronto doens't end up having what you want) Toronto can do a search for you and if another store does end up having what you want, they can ship it out to you directly. I've had many things shipped to me by Holt's. I've never had a problem.
  4. Ditto from me. Holts ships all over. There is also a LV Boutique on Bloor St in Toronto. Where are you?
  5. you can also call 1-866-VUITTON, LV ships to canada, not sure what the costs are, but i had called for a price on a small bag and i think the shipping was around $20/30. holt's ships too, i ordered a large bag few months ago (not LV) and the shipping was $15 for fed-ex and i got it the next day
  6. I don't know if Ogilvy's ships, but that's another upscale department store that you might want to give a try.
  7. You might get nailed for customs fees if you do that. I've bought several things from the US ( ebay & other places) and before I'd only occasionally get charged Customs fees...lately it seems everything is costing me more in Customs
  8. LV won't ship out of country. I've what you want has to be in Canada. 866-VUITTON can track it down for you have to call the boutique and they will ship it out for you. It is about $25 bucks or so to ship. They fax you a form, you fill out the personal info with cc number etc. and then fax it back..and in a week you have a new bag! hehe

    At least this is what the deal was when I shipped my MC Pochette a few years ago from Van to Calgary. That is if it goes to your home address. If you want to pick it up in store, the transfer fees are nothing, you just fill out the fax info. HTH!