Canadian Judge Sets Record Award to LVMH

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  1. From WWD:

    In a sign that Canada is stepping up its pressure on fake luxury goods, a judge has awarded Louis Vuitton Malletier SA the largest payout in a trademark counterfeiting and copyright suit in the country’s history.

    The award of 982,556 Canadian dollars, or $933,989 at current exchange, came after a four-year legal battle between Louis Vuitton Malletier and a group of British Columbia shop owners who continued to sell counterfeit goods despite court orders.
  2. woo hoo!! that's awesome!
  3. Well it's about time!
  4. Here is the article that appeared in the newspaper here regarding it:

    B.C. storeowner slapped with record fine for selling fashion fakes

    Gerry Bellett, Canwest News Service

    Published: Friday, June 27, 2008
    VANCOUVER - Faux fashions turned out to be a million-dollar faux pas for one Canadian business owner, after she was sued by one of the world's most prominent clothing companies.
    The owner of the Wynnie Lee Fashion stores in B.C. faces fines and court costs of more than $1 million for continuing to sell counterfeit Louis Vuitton accessories in defiance of a Federal Court order issued three years ago permanently banning such sales.
    "This is the largest award against counterfeiting we're aware of (in Canada)," said Vancouver lawyer Michael Manson, who represented Louis Vuitton.
    [​IMG] A Louis Vuitton knockoff. A court in B.C. fined a storeowner $980,000 for selling fake accessories.

    Richard Arless Jr./Montreal Gazette

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    B.C. Supreme Court Justice Mary Ellen Boyd awarded Louis Vuitton $980,000 in damages plus court costs estimated at about $50,000.
    The award surpasses the $700,000 judgment Microsoft Corporation received from a Quebec court last year after its software was pirated and sold by another company.
    Wynnie Lee has operated stores in Burnaby, Richmond and Surrey.
    Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. and Louis Vuitton Canada, Inc., sued Lee and her sister, Jacqueline, who owns two Coloro stores in B.C. malls, for selling fake products and for trademark infringement.
    Damages against Jacqueline Lee have not been assessed and a date for a hearing will be set sometime this fall, so the total damage amount could climb higher.
    Jacqueline Lee was the only defendant to show up in B.C. Supreme Court. She had no lawyer and represented herself.
    Boyd issued a summary judgment against Wynnie Lee and her daughter, along with two employees named in the action, who failed to attend court.
    In discovery documents Wynnie Lee had admitted importing counterfeit scarfs, handbags, belts, purses and wallets, which came into Canada three times a year.
    According to lawyers representing Louis Vuitton, the company realized in 2004 that fake products bearing its name, were being sold at two of Wynnie Lee's stores.
    Hundreds of items bearing the Louis Vuitton brand were seized from the sisters' stores but Wynnie Lee continued to sell the fake accessories, despite further warnings and a cease-and-desist order.
    Boyd, who released her judgment June 19, said there was every indication the fakes were still being sold in Wynnie Lee's Surrey store.
    Boyd found that Wynnie Lee and her daughter had attempted to hide behind their companies in an effort to avoid being liable for damages, but said "such a defence is not available here."
    She said the defendants had attempted to deliberately conceal their activities by placing counterfeit Louis Vuitton goods in hidden drawers and by refusing to issue receipts.
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  7. Now a days everyone wants a piece of the pie! It's about time that the law was enforced!
  8. Excellent news!
  9. This is great news.
  10. :woohoo::yahoo:Great now if they could stop all the fake websites. They even sell fake bags of ones we do not have in the US. I saw a site that had Neverfull in Damier.
  11. :yahoo: I love it!
  12. That's awesome!
  13. Yikes! :tdown:

    I can't believe it took that long to bust them! But hey, they did and that's all that matters. :jrs:
  14. Hip Hip Horray!! What a relief and a huge embarrassment for my country!