Canadian Indie Exchange Sign Ups

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    *Do you like Indies?
    *Do you reside in Canada?
    *Do you have the minimum requirement of at least 275 posts within 2 weeks (14 days) from today?
    *When you receive the box, can you post a reveal?
    *Can you ship the box to the following member from the list in a timely manner?

    If your answers are YES then please sign up.

    *This Canadian Indie Exchange consists of full and mini Indies.
    *Basically however much you take out is the same amount you replace it with.
    1 full bottle= 1 full bottle
    1 full bottle = 2 minis
    2 minis = 2 minis

    *Donations are most welcome (no limit) as long as they all fit securely in the box.
    *There is a list inside the box containing all the Indies donated, so please fill out the form stating which ones you took out & which items you have donated.

    For anything else regarding this exchange, PM GhstDreamer.

    Have fun & let's get this box started for Canadian tPFers!
  2. Woohoo! I better get to posting a lot!
  3. You can get it in 14 days! Counting today that's only 14 posts per day so you should be able to get in on the exchange!
  4. OMG, YES. This is amazing. Sign me up!
  5. I would love to participate if I have enough posts by then. I work an 80 hour work week so that may be tough.

    Not sure if the box keeps going forever, but I would be happy to ship the box to the UK. When we are done if that is an option.
  6. I always wondered if this was an option, but i'm sure the shipping would be way high? It would be nice if it was possible, since the main reason I think a lot of people would want to swap in the u.k would be for polishes that don't ship here!

    (sorry if this is hijacking the thread!)
  7. Well if it is insanely expensive I can always send part of the box on. But it would be really nice to include the UK.
  8. It's actually THREE minis to a full size since most minis are 5mL and most full size are 15mL.
  9. Cost wise it would be more like two minis equal a full. But I haven't participated in a swap like this! Lol
  10. Silly question: would some of the less available NP brands like Julep work for the swap?
  11. Unfortunately I won't even be close to meeting the postings - but I'm excited to read the posts. Maybe next round I wil be at the post requirement!
  12. I would love to participate, but I'm still such an indie newbie and don't have very many in my collection yet. I do have some on the way, but I don't think I really have enough to swap yet. :sad:
  13. If you plan on getting a few more you could always order one or two extra :smile: