Canadian Holt Renfrew 25% Balenciaga, is it a good deal!

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  1. I keep on reading that our Canadian prices on Balenciaga is a rip off and can only be purchased at Holt Renfrew.

    Last week I went down and have a First in Tabac Siena put aside for me to pick up this weekend. It is 1295.00 - 25% plus 14% taxes, total is just slightly under 1100.00 with taxes. I know that the US price is 995.00. I am wondering if this 25% sale at Holt Renfrew is worth it or not. What do you think!
  2. Than it's not a bad price (w/the 25% discount, w/o it another story). To bring a bag in from anywhere else mint, u'll have to pay shipping, and duty & taxes, and fees, plus exchange rate.
    So if it's sitting there waiting for you for $1,100, I'd take it just to save me some hassles.
    BTW, love the Sienna, LOVES!
  3. Definitely a good deal - and you have the benefit of seeing what you are buying. Even if you were to order it from the U.S., you would probably pay the same taxes and maybe more. I wish I had found something I liked there today. I called every HR in the country looking for a coin purse but it appears the only store that carries them is Bloor and they are sold out. (Rats!)
  4. How long is this sale on for?
  5. i think it's a good deal if you can choose the bag in person and have it in your hands right away. for those of us outside the States, you can say we're at the mercy of the SAs who take in our orders. they mostly do oblige and try their best if not very best to accede to our requests for certain leather characteristics.

    go! get it now! ;)