CANADIAN Handbag Lovers!

  1. Hi, welcome to tPF! Please don't spam us ;)
  2. Thanks for the edit, Swanky.

    She also PMd me with a solicitation.
  3. no she di'int!!!!!!!!!
    NO spam via PMS!!!
    no, no, no. . . . .
  4. buh-bye shouldercandy
  5. Thanks, Swanky!
  6. ;)
  7. i got a pm from her too! thanks for the ban!
  8. She PMed me as well. Glad to know that she's banned now.
  9. You've done a great job Swanky. Thanks.
  10. no, thank YOU! I'd miss some of these if it weren't for you guys reporting them or PMing me.
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