Canadian girls holts has some gorgeous CL's

  1. okay so i went to the holts in vancouver today and they had quite a few beauties that caught my eye.
    these are the ones that i remember
    -simples 85 mm in grease paint:silver, pink (same color as deanas prives), and this gorgeous aqua blue, beige. I must say the grease paints are amazing in person a must have for all cl fans.

    -no prive 70mm: nude and black patent with pewter tip
  2. simples in grease paint?!?! OMG.
  3. i know they were amazing
  4. oh and i meant silver not that weird smiley face and ilver lol i'm a door knob i swear
  5. Thanks for the update angelie! They all sound fab. I swear Saks NYC already has the simples in the grease paint (SA sent me camera phone pics last month), but I could be smoking something. LOL
  6. if holts had them im sure Saks did
  7. OMG I am dying to check them out. Finally we get some nice stuff! Ironically I live downtown but I've been so busy. How much are the Simples?
  8. ^ Ditto on the price inquiry!
  9. ^^ yes, i would love to know too (my best guess would be 5x as much as the US price)
  10. well i know for a fact they have lowered there prices. Usually they charge like 25-50 bucks more these days. I don't remember the price i tried to call and find out but no one picked up i will try again in the morning.
  11. I think they are around $590? I think a saw a pair of dark grey patent simple around that price before.
  12. That's not bad! I will have to check them out this weekend for sure.
  13. someone please take pictures! i am dying to see the grease paint simples.
  14. I bought a pair of Simples at Holts recently--they were 550 plus tax.

    So there is more new stuff--yikes--time to go back and drooool!!!!!!:drool:
  15. I'm waiting for a pair of simples to come in early next week, they had to order in my size
    I think these are $560.