Canadian girls, are we excited about new openings of forever21?

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  1. I need to start my wishlist.
  2. a wishlist at forever 21??
    hmmm I didnt realize that items were so difficult to locate at forever 21 of all places!
  3. well,, it's more like a shopping list, i think the grand opening will be crazy. i'm quite excited after hearing about all the raves for this store on various fashion boards. can't wait to check it out.
  4. ohh hun I dont want to dissapoint you, but the quality of their clothes SUCKS HUGE! Like with one wash, they are totally ruined. Albiet they change their stock a few times a week and everything is inexpensive and very trendy..but the quality sucks :sad:

    ps. I still shop there sometimes, 3-4x a month and buy tons of trendy heavy necklaces and bangles, tanks,shorts,tops etc..but I wear them 1-2x and then they are ruined
  5. Ooooo, how are they compared to Zara and H&M?
  6. I shop there too, but I know that I can only get 3-4 wears out of an item. I buy trendy items and accessories that will be long gone by next season. Their accessories hold up better than their clothes do. H&M has better quality items IMO.

  7. H&M, zara, mango are a bit better quality and more expensive then forever 21 for sure. But, there is a spinoff on forever 21 ( same company owns it) its called forlove 21 and they have the best stuff! I LOVES their clothes..they are a little pricer and so much hotter.
    H&M IMO has a totally different style then forever 21, H&M is more london stylish and so is zara ( obv cuz they are Uk branded)..but forever 21 has alot of cute things, you just have to digggg b/c they only have 1-2 sizes each in each garment and they go QUICK. I have atleast 20 tops from there, but I am very selective..I choose garments that dont look like they are from forever 21...KWIM?

    if you are looking for trendy and cheap and dont mind the quality then you will love forever21!
  8. ITA. I went CRAZY for them when they first opened, then after the dye on one of the red tops turned my tan pants pink, the sequins' color chipped off and a sweater's fabric pilled after ONE wearing, I vowed never to waste my money there again.
    I did buy a top last summer that was a really cute apple print tank..the strap came unsewn after I wore it twice. I was so disappointed to see the quality hadn't improved after all that time.

    If you want to get trendy clothes that will last through one or two wearings and aren't very expensive then that's fine, but don't count on that store to provide you with any staples for your wardrobe.
  9. ^^^ I remember when they first came out and they sold mostly dressy clothes, their quality was a tad bit better IMO
  10. OMG, you have made my day, when & where will they be opening stores :yahoo:
  11. canadian girls = compare F21 to sirens. it's like that. (less "clubbish" clothes, but that kind of quality)

    fun for just a few wears.
  12. i'm kinda excited. the stuff on the website looks quite nice. I'm more excited about the cheapness though, they seem to have better prices than H&M...quality wise..i wouldn't expect much for something priced so low.

    It's a good place to shop for uber trendy clothing that you wouldn't wear after a season or 2 :smile:
  13. Oh btw, doesn't West Edmonton have one already? I thought the TOronto Eaton centre one was the second to open in Canada? I might be mistaken though
  14. there's one right outside of the toronto eatoner center, they haven't posted a grand opening day though.
  15. i have no idea, i didn't think there was any forever21 in canada at all.